The 10 Rules for Tweezing βœ‚οΈ Your Eyebrows πŸ‘πŸ‘ ...

Tweezing your eyebrows can give them a really great shape that perfects the shape and appearance of your face. You don’t want to over tweeze or under tweeze because than you won’t look your best. Whether you’re new to tweezing or you’ve been doing it awhile, there’s always room for improvement. Check out these tweezing tips from the pros at Better Homes and Gardens magazine to get the best looking brows the world has ever known.

1. Figure out Where Your Brow Hairs Should Start and Stop

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The best brow shaping experts recommend marking where your brows should end on either side until you can eyeball without the reminder. On the inner part of your eye, your brow should line up with a pencil laying right alongside your nostrils on both sides. The outer edges should stop at the outer edge of your eye. Draw a small dot with your eyeliner if you need help to remember where to stop.

2. Make Sure Your Brow Arch is in the Right Place

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The outer edge of your iris is where the arch of your brow should be. An arch that is off will give you a really unnatural look and will give you brows that no one can stop talking about. But not in a good way. Experts suggest angling a liner pencil from your nostril upward toward the outer edge of your iris so that you can get a clear idea of where to form the arch of your brows.

3. Don’t Get Too Crazy with Tweezing Your Strays

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Here’s news that is absolutely terrifying! Tweezing your brows too much can really age you. I, for one, am against anything that adds years to my face. Instead of going crazy with plucking, try using a brow comb or some clear mascara to tame the strays so they look natural instead of wacky.

4. Pluck Three Hairs and then Stop

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Speaking of over tweezing, here is a handy little trick to keep you from pulling out too many brow hairs. Pull out the three that are bothering you the most, then take a break and step back from the mirror to assess the difference. You might notice that you don’t really need to pluck any more hairs after all. If you do see more problem spots, repeat the three hairs rule.

5. Forget the Magnifying Mirror when You Tweeze Your Brows

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Experts say that a magnifying mirror spells trouble when you’re tweezing. They can actually increase your need to pluck hairs because everything looks bigger and more unruly than it really is. Make sure you have a good light when you tweeze, but use a regular mirror to prevent yourself from going crazy with the tweezers.

6. Add Some Brow Putty to Cosmetics Bag Instead of a Brow Pencil

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Unless you have unlimited time in the morning to fill in your brows, you should just toss the brow pencil because it’s tricky to get the look just right with one. Instead, try a brow putty, which can fill in bald spots or sparse areas with ease. You can find brow putty in little pots and it will definitely make your life easier.

7. Give Your Brows the Perfect Color with a Brow Powder

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Brow powder is your go-to when you want to give your brows some color. This is great if your brows are light in color or are a bit thin. At the same time, use a bit of clear brow gel to tame flyaways. The combination of the two will totally makeover your brows.

8. Think Sisters Not Twins

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Don't start plucking and plucking until your brows are perfectly even-that's so wrong! Instead, your brows should have symmetry without being identical.

9. Corner to Edges

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Always tweeze from the outside of your brows in. Pull skin tight to prevent pain and irritation and pluck swiftly to ensure the entire hair is removed.

10. Tweeze for Your Brow Type

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If your brows are naturally thicker, tweeze every other hair to soften the look of them.

What other tweezing rules can you share? Are you ready for your best brows ever?

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