The 10 Rules for Tweezing βœ‚οΈ Your Eyebrows πŸ‘πŸ‘ ...

Tweezing your eyebrows can give them a really great shape that perfects the shape and appearance of your face. You don’t want to over tweeze or under tweeze because than you won’t look your best. Whether you’re new to tweezing or you’ve been doing it awhile, there’s always room for improvement. Check out these tweezing tips from the pros at Better Homes and Gardens magazine to get the best looking brows the world has ever known.

1. Figure out Where Your Brow Hairs Should Start and Stop

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The best brow shaping experts recommend marking where your brows should end on either side until you can eyeball without the reminder. On the inner part of your eye, your brow should line up with a pencil laying right alongside your nostrils on both sides. The outer edges should stop at the outer edge of your eye. Draw a small dot with your eyeliner if you need help to remember where to stop.

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