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Chances are you aren’t having visions of bubbling test tubes or hot Bunsen burners when you apply your make-up and other beauty products. It turns out that there is a lot of science behind why you choose the look you do. Many things play a role in influencing what you do with your face and hair and even your clothes. Knowing what they are probably won’t change your mind, but it sure gives you something fun to talk about at parties. Here’s what might be playing a role in your beauty choices.

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Your Latest Issue of Cosmopolitan

My heart always gives a little leap of joy when my latest magazines hit my mailbox. You too? The beauty stories in your magazine play a huge role in your beauty routine. Not only do you get reviews for great new products that you must try, but you also get tutorials and hints about applying make-up and styling your hair. Page through your Cosmo and be on the lookout for things that influence your beauty choices.


Commercials during the Latest Dr. Who Episode

Advertisers are so sneaky! They choose ad spots during shows watched by a certain demographic of person. That means that while you’re catching up on all the latest drama on your favorite show, advertisers are sliding in influencing messages about your beauty. Maybe it’s what kind of deodorant you choose or the sexual appeal of wearing a certain red lipstick brand. Whatever it is, be aware of it so you can make good choices regardless of what the media is telling you to do.


Marilyn Monroe

Yep, she might have died 50 years ago, but she’s still setting beauty standards all over the place. And she’s not the only one. Female celebrities have a lot of power when it comes to influencing your perception of beauty. Unrealistic expectations of what beautiful is are all around us, from rail thin models to the complete absence of stretch marks on someone you know has birthed three kids. If you ask me, Marilyn is a great icon of beauty because she was comfortable with her looks.


That Rude Girl’s Comments

You try to let nasty remarks roll off your back, but they can really get to you. I’m the same way. It’s easy to say that some girl’s comments about your looks while you browse the newest looks at Macy’s don’t bother you, but you’d be unique if they really didn’t. I once heard an underhanded comment about a really cute hat I was wearing and never wore it again. Sad, right? Unfortunately, nasty girls can make it hard to feel beautiful. Try to ignore them when you can.


Where You Hang Your Hat

I live in America, a place where beautiful isn’t as varied as it is elsewhere. Here, blond hair, an hourglass figure and tan skin is the ultimate in beauty. Not so in other parts of the world. So if you move from one region to another, you might be surprised to find that perceptions of what’s beautiful varies greatly. That means we’re all beautiful!


Your Dear Mother

I’m lucky to have a mom that doesn’t remark on my looks, but I have friends who aren’t so fortunate. It’s surprising how much influence your mom can still have on you years after you’ve left home. And it can be hurtful. But it can also be wonderful. Nothing makes you feel lovelier than having your mom say so, right? Yes, your mom does influence how you look, but you can rock whatever you feel like regardless.


Beauty Store Bigwigs

The executives at beauty product companies want you to buy their products, so of course they are going to do whatever they can to influence you. That includes underhanded things like saying that this lipstick will make your life better or that face cream will get you a boyfriend. Take it with a grain of salt. What works for you is what you should be buying, no matter what anyone says.

What influences your beauty choices?

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My mother...

One year I stopped wearing makeup all together and my parents called me downstairs and actually asked me to start wearing makeup again because it makes me look better. I don't go anywhere without it on now.

@Rhiannon your parents probably have your best interests at heart. I think you should try to convince them that you are beautiful without makeup. Every woman is born naturally beautiful and I think most people just need to become more comfortable with themselves.

@Lizzy Roberts, be ever so careful with dieting at your age. You are still growing and developing brain cells and balancing hormones. Don't go for drastic diets. Jennahper is right. Talk to your doctor!

Lizzie Roberts, your mom may have the best of intentions, and at your age it is exceptionally difficult to assert yourself when your mother tells you "lose weight" then says "gain weight." You should be comfortable and healthy at the weight that is best for you. The next time you see your primary care doc, discuss with him/her what a good healthy weight is good for you. But you must get off your mom's diet roller coaster😉

I'm 15, and last spring my mom said I should lose weight. In the fall, I had lost weight and was 110 pounds, and she said I should gain. No I'm 140, and she says I should lose 20.

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Eliza, I really enjoy the tone you use in your articles. You are an excellent writer :)

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