The Worst Foods to Eat That Stain Your Teeth ...


The Worst Foods to Eat That Stain Your Teeth ...
The Worst Foods to Eat That Stain Your Teeth ...

What are the the worst foods for staining your teeth? Even though they provide us with our beautiful smiles, teeth are sometimes more trouble than they are worth! The brushing, the flossing, the whitening and all the other processes that we put our teeth through can only go so far in terms of protecting them from everything that can damage or stain them. Even if you are completely cavity free, you are still at risk from unwanted discolouration thanks to a number of different foods that like to leave their mark on your pearly whites. If you are conscious of that kind of thing and want to do everything you can to avoid it, then these are some of the worst foods for staining your teeth.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon might be a very healthy food in general, but the citric nature of it means that it is very acidic, and too much acid can erode the enamel on your teeth, making them fragile and revealing the yellow surface below. Lemon juice is definitely one of the worst foods for staining your teeth.


Red Wine

This is a big one, but one that needs reminding! It is the tannins in red wine that pose the threat of leaving a stain on your teeth. It’s the same ingredient in wine that can cause you to have a dry mouth after too many glasses. Tannin is also in tea, so think about the stains that tea can leave in a white mug and you can imagine the effect on your teeth.



You know how the vibrant juicy colour of beets always manages to make a long-lasting mark on your chopping board? Well, it does the very same thing to your teeth over an extended period of time!


Balsamic Vinegar

The sticky nature of balsamic vinegar means that it is really effective at latching on to your teeth which can lead to staining if you don’t brush and floss thoroughly enough.



Did you know that tea can cause worse stains on your teeth than coffee? Once again, like red wine, it is due to the tannin content. The darker you like your tea, the more likely you are to be affected by staining. I refer you back to the point I made about red wine!



The traditional yellow spices that are used in many different curries can be very harsh on your teeth, thanks to the strong, long-lasting pigmentation.



Cherries might seem like an innocent treat, but they too are a richly-pigmented food that are also packed with sugar, therefore boosting bacteria in the mouth and encouraging staining and other dental damage.


Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are brightly coloured and highly acidic, two features that can spell disaster for the protected whiteness of your precious teeth! Enamel erosion is one of the things to look out for with tomatoes.


Soy Sauce

Dentists believe that soy sauce is one of the worst foodstuffs for teeth staining because it is so dark and so concentrated and can linger for a long time in the mouth after a meal.



The dark colour of Coca-Cola mixed with the sugars and acids that it contains are a match made in hell for your teeth!

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