These Engagement Tattoos Prove That True Love is Real ...

By Eliza

These Engagement Tattoos Prove That True Love is Real ...

So you just got engaged? Congratulations! What an exciting time in your life. Now you get to plan a fabulous wedding and dream about the fairy tale like you and your significant other will create together. While the wedding is certainly important, don't let it overshadow the joy of simply being engaged. Want a way to commemorate your engagement? Check out these great tattoos.

Table of contents:

  1. tree and owl
  2. mr. and mrs
  3. something that matches
  4. set the date
  5. wedding rings
  6. something simple
  7. tiny little compass
  8. a latin phrase
  9. matched up
  10. key to my heart
  11. infinity symbol
  12. something abstract
  13. promise
  14. king and queen
  15. something colorful
  16. roman numerals
  17. skull couple
  18. music notes
  19. matching rings

1 Tree and Owl

Tree and Owl They just go together, right? Just like the two of you.

2 Mr. and Mrs

Mr. and Mrs Nothing could be more perfect for an engagement tattoo.

3 Something That Matches

Something That Matches Obviously, getting the same tattoo is a great idea!

4 Set the Date

Set the Date Your wedding date is never a bad idea.

5 Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings These cool wedding bands are a great way to commemorate your engagement.

6 Something Simple

Something Simple This idea is super simple, but still makes a big impact.

7 Tiny Little Compass

Tiny Little Compass You'll always know the way to each other when you have these tattoos.

8 A Latin Phrase

A Latin Phrase These words roughly translate to equity and truth, both of which are important in a marriage.

9 Matched up

Matched up When each of you get half of the tattoo, you'll remember that you aren't complete without each other.

10 Key to My Heart

Key to My Heart He'll always have the key to your heart, right?

11 Infinity Symbol

Infinity Symbol The infinity symbol is always a great idea for your engagement.

12 Something Abstract

Something Abstract If there's a symbol that means something to you, it's the perfect choice for an engagement tattoo.

13 Promise

Promise After all, you are making a promise to each other, right?

14 King and Queen

King and Queen He's your king and you're his queen, so this idea is perfect.

15 Something Colorful

Something Colorful Don't be afraid to add some color to your engagement tattoos.

16 Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals Roman numerals are a fun way to mark the date of your wedding.

17 Skull Couple

Skull Couple This is super cute, don't you think?

18 Music Notes

Music Notes Get a bar of your song inked before the big day.

19 Matching Rings

Matching Rings Here's another fabulous matching set of tattoo rings for you and the love of your life.

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