These Motivational Tattoos Will Make You Go after Your Goals ...

By Eliza

These Motivational  Tattoos Will Make You Go  after Your Goals  ...

We all need some motivation now and then, right? Whether it's to get health, look for a new job or try something you've never done before, daily motivation may be what you're looking for. In that case, these tattoos might just be what you've been seeking. Just looking at them each day should be enough to get your moving.

1 You're in Charge

Remember that you are the master of your own destiny.

2 Own the Struggle

Part of reaching your goals is struggling to get there, right?

3 Wings to Fly

Let your wings take you wherever you want to go.

4 Courage

You're probably going to need some courage to get where you're going.

5 Remember Who You Are

Never compromise yourself as you strive to reach your dreams.

6 Free Yourself

Sometimes getting where you want to be means freeing yourself of whatever is holding you back.

7 Keep Smiling

No matter what you're going through, stay positive through it all.

8 Walk through the Fire

Nowhere worth going will be easy.

9 Curiosity

Curiosity is an important part of staying motivated to get where you want to be.

10 This Too Shall Pass

Everything bad ends and you'll get there someday.

11 Stay Fearless

Sometimes reaching your goals means being fearless in your quest.

12 Just One Chance

This advice should keep you motivated, don't you think?

13 Something Beautiful

Is this motivating you?

14 Live a Little

I love this one, don't you?

15 Movie Advice

I think we can all apply this little tidbit to our lives.

16 Should Have Been

There's a beauty in this quote that should make you feel motivated. Does it?

17 Marilyn Monroe Inspiration

Thanks, Marilyn!

18 Learn to Fly

These song lyrics are the perfect motivation.

19 Dream in a Dream

What do you think of this one?

20 Strength from Madness

Here's some great motivating advice that we could all use.

21 These Dreams

What a great way of saying to never give up!

Feeling motivated? Which one is your favorite?

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