These Tattoos Are Meant for Hardcore Fitness Fanatics ...


These Tattoos Are Meant for Hardcore Fitness Fanatics ...
These Tattoos Are Meant for Hardcore Fitness Fanatics ...

When you love something, it's fun to get it tattooed on your body so you can share your passions with the world. For those committed to fitness, there are many options that look great and let everyone know what your true love is. Check these out!

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Love Weight Lifting

Love Weight Lifting Are you a weights fanatic? Here's the tattoo for you.


Stay Strong

Stay Strong This one applies to just about any form of fitness you love the best.


Get Strong

Get Strong Fitness can be hard, but it always pays off in the end.


For a Yogi

For a Yogi Yoga lovers unite! It would look cool in color too.



Strong You know you're strong, right?


Just Run

Just Run Are you a runner? This one speaks for itself.


One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time Here's the perfect tattoo for a marathoner.


For the Serious Runner

For the Serious Runner Where would you get this tattoo?


Keep Breathing

Keep Breathing What a great reminder this is!


Tree Pose

Tree Pose Don't you just love this?


With Pain Comes Strength

With Pain Comes Strength This is a pretty great tattoo, don't you think?



Namaste I love this one!


I Heart Weights

I Heart Weights This is subtle, but it still sends the message.



Challenging Sometimes the best things don't come easy.


Pain Equals Strength

Pain Equals Strength What do you think of this one?


Twenty Six Point 2

Twenty Six Point 2 Cool, isn't it?


Is Running Your Passion

Is Running Your Passion I love the placement of these tattoos.


Kettlebells and Weights

Kettlebells and Weights Do you feel the same way?


Biker Chick

Biker Chick Are you a biker? Would you get this tattoo?


Fitness Accessories

Fitness Accessories Here's something that I think would look great with some color added.


I Love Dance

I Love Dance If dancing is your favorite way to move, you'll love having this tattoo.

Which one do you love best? What's your favorite fitness minded activity?

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#2. But a little lower on each wrist, cause there's bone up higher, and it hurts, at least for me...gotta say one thing, don't I always, I love running, I've been doing it longer than I care to say, but I find it a bit vain seeing how people show off they've run a half-marathon or a marathon. Used to be you didn't need to tell everyone about it; you were too busy training, and then running....just an opinion, and certainly not meant as a, girls, run!

Forget the article. Who's ass is that?? Now, that's a fit body!

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