These Wedding Tattoos Will Keep the Love Alive ...

By Heather

These Wedding Tattoos Will Keep the Love Alive ...

I got married almost two years ago and my wife and I have had matching tattoos for a while but wedding tattoos? These are amazing! If you are getting married and want to get some inspiration for a wedding tattoo, take a look below!

1 You're My King, You're My Queen

I think that this is so, so sweet to get for a wedding tattoo.

2 Simply Cute

A tattoo does not have to be complicated. This is simple, beautiful and sends a great message!

3 Love Birds

This one is adorable! I love that they are the same bird but different stances.

4 You're My Anchor

And I'm yours – how sweet is this set of matching anchors?

5 Heart Candy

You know those little Valentine's Day hearts? These tattoos are insanely cute and so great for a wedding!

6 Ancient Runes – if You Are into That

This couple decided that ancient runes are the best for their tattoos – SO CUTE!

7 This. This Right Here

Instead of branding your car with 'Just Married', why not tattoo it on the bottom of your foot? Adorable!

8 Till Death

I love the font on this and if you are making the commitment like marriage, it should be until death.

9 Love Hard

This is my favorite. I actually think I am going to get this with my wife.

10 Link and Zelda, the Perfect Couple

I LOVE THIS! I am actually surprised that my brother didn't get this with his wife.

11 One Life, One Love

You're going to be sharing that life and that love together, so why not crown it?

12 K & Q

I am really digging this king and queen combination, it's adorable. This one is simple and cute.

13 Paper Airplanes

This is so adorable and goes really well together!

14 You Don't Need a Ring

Everyone will know that you are taken with these tattoos.

15 Thumbprints

This is so cute, you get each others thumbprints in the shape of a heart.

16 Initials

Sure, you might not want to get your spouse's entire name, but just a letter? Perfect.

17 Always

This reminds me of Harry Potter. Snape: 'Always'.

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