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The Ultimate List of Don'ts after Getting a New Tattoo ...

By Neecey

There are things that can ruin your new tattoo if you don’t look after it properly. You have to remember that as well as it being a piece of body art, a tattoo is actually an open wound in your skin so you need to take appropriate precautions and actions. You need to look after your tattoo and also, your skin/body. So here’s what you shouldn’t do:

1 Not Listening to the Artist

One of the main things that can ruin a new tattoo is ignoring the instructions that your tattoo artist gives you. Have you seen how covered in ink they all are? They know what they are talking about without a doubt! Listen carefully to everything that they tell you during and after the tattooing process. Their pearls of wisdom will be more helpful than anything you can find online! Everybody’s body and tattoos are different, and who would know better than the person who actually added the artwork to your body?

2 Picking Scabs

You tattoo is going to naturally scab up for a few weeks after it has been done. Think about it, you have had a bunch of little needles repeatedly pushed in to your skin; it’s obviously going to need some time to heal! You need to absolutely make sure that you do not pick the scabs that form, because there could be a danger of the ink that was deposited underneath your skin coming away with the scab. The crusty layers will fall away naturally when the area is fully healed.

3 Sleeping on It

If you can, try to avoid sleeping directly on top of the area of your body that you have had tattooed. It is the best way to avoid any unforeseen infections or irritations because there is less chance of sweat and extra heat being present in the specific area. If you have had a big back piece done and can only get to sleep laying that way, then do something like put a towel between yourself and your mattress for a little extra protection.

4 Submerging in Water

Once you get a new tattoo, you should really wait a week or two before exposing it to a prolonged period of full exposure to water. Of course, having a quick shower is absolutely fine, but spending two hours in the tub or going for a long swim at your local pool should be avoided. Standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria, something you don’t want to be exposed to with essentially a still open ‘wound’.

5 Too Covered

Your tattoo will be covered up in a plastic ‘bandage’ when you leave the parlor, but you should not leave this plastic layer on for too long. The plastic helps to draw the blood out and open up your pores, but after a little while need to remove it and allow the healing and scabbing process to begin.

6 Direct Sunlight

A brand new tattoo will feel really sensitive on your body, and sunlight will only add to the sensitivity if you leave your new body art exposed for too long too soon. You don’t want to risk getting sunburn over the freshly inked area, it will cause too much skin irritation.

7 Too Much Touching

Even though it’s really pretty and you can’t help but stroke it and poke it, you should try super hard not to touch your tattoo too much while it is in the healing stage. Even though we think we are really clean, our finger nails can have lots of nasty bacteria on them that could do some damage to an area of sensitive and healing skin.

You invested time in deciding what your tattoo would be and wear you’d position it. You invested time and money in getting it. Now you need to invest in looking after it.

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