Things to Consider before Going Braless ...


Things to Consider before Going Braless ...
Things to Consider before Going Braless ...

There are definitely some things to consider before going braless. If you are into fashion, then you will be well aware that there are plenty of looks and garments out there that can really only be achieved by going braless. In the completely other direction, you might just be feeling like you want to ditch your bra altogether and go for a much freer, less restricted way of wearing clothes! Some women with large busts simply cannot go without a bra, but others with smaller boobs definitely have the opportunity to make a choice. Before you start burning all of your over the shoulder boulder holders, have a read through this list of things to consider before going braless.

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Different Fits

You might feel freer and more comfortable, but you should remember that your tops and dresses are going to fit in a different way without the presence of a bra. The shape and gravity of your boobs will be different, which means that your clothing will most probably look different on the outside. As long as you are happy with the new lines that your braless figure creates, then go for it. This is probably one of the most important things to consider before going braless, but read on for more.


Nip Slip

You need to be wary of the fact that going braless means that you might pose the risk of giving everybody an eyeful of boob without meaning to! This can especially happen in the summer when you are wearing smaller and more flowing garments. We are so used to our bras covering up the important parts that we forget how to hold ourselves in a way that doesn’t expose us!


Something Missing

A lot of women like the idea of going braless from day to day, but ultimately it can start to feel like there is something missing, which can be really off-putting on a long-term basis. It can feel like you have left the house without underwear on and are only just realising it as you get to the bus stop! You just need to go through a transition period, but some people aren’t patient enough.



Whether you like it or not, people can tell when you are not wearing a bra, and this might lead to unwanted stares when you are out and about during the day, and even more so if you have gone out to a bar or a club at night! Some people might be staring out of lust and excitement, and some people might be starting simply because they are trying to figure out what is different about you compared to everyone else. No matter what the reasoning is, you have to be prepared to put up with more eyes on you than before!



If you want to go braless in all situations, then you will find that exercise is something that will feel incredibly different. Depending on your bust size, a sports bra can be a lifesaver when it comes to preventing pain when doing heavy workouts. If you are opting to go without, you will probably have to alter your workout routine to accommodate your newly free boobs!

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