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Before undergoing plastic surgery, it’s important to take some things into consideration. Going under the knife is proven by many psychology experts as a way for people to improve their self-esteem. However, many of the procedures are pretty major and deserve some thought before you hop up on the operating table. I’m not telling anyone not to go for it if they want to, but I would recommend not making it a spur of the moment decision. Read through these things to take into account before undergoing plastic surgery so you’re ready for the big step you’re about to take.

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Before undergoing plastic surgery, it’s vital to figure out how you’re going to pay for it. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t often cover such procedures, which means you’ll have to pay out of pocket for it. Talk to several reputable surgeons and work out a payment plan so you can realistically pay for the work. This also allows you to find the best price for your chosen procedure.



Yes, cost is important, but never, ever go to a plastic surgeon who isn’t certified to carry out the practice – even if you can save mega dollars. It’s absolutely vital to make sure you choose a plastic surgeon who is properly trained and experienced. Make sure you ask to see his license and certification so you can be sure. If he’s unwilling to produce it, find a different surgeon. The bottom line – you want someone certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


Before and after Photos

Before you choose your plastic surgeon, ask to see his notebook of before and after pictures. Specifically ask for photos depicting the procedure you’ll be having. That way you can see if the results are the ones you’re after. If not, you can find someone else before it’s too late.


Your Life Situation

Many plastic surgery experts strongly discourage people from undergoing procedures during dramatic life events. If you just got divorced or are suffering with job loss, it might be a better idea to take a step back and give things some time before jumping into a life-altering and body-altering procedure. Once you get your emotions in order, you will have a clearer perception of how plastic surgery can make you feel different.



Most plastic surgery procedures are considered major surgery. That means they come with a certain set of risks. It’s important to talk to your doctor about the potential risks that accompany the procedure you’ve chosen. In most cases, the risks don’t ever cause an issue, but knowing what they are prepares you, just in case. Make sure you understand the risks and possible complications before the big day so that you don’t make a snap decision when you’re already prepped for surgery.


Recovery Period

In many cases, there is a recovery period that goes with a plastic surgery procedure. It’s a good idea to plan for that time when you decide to have the surgery. That way you can take adequate time off work or find a sitter for the kids until you can cope on your own. Talk to your doctor about how long you’ll be down for, so you can schedule your surgery for a convenient time that fits within your life.


Mental Health

Yes, having plastic surgery can dramatically increase a person’s self-esteem, but don’t go into it expecting to suddenly be relieved of mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. While the procedure can make you feel better about your looks, it won’t cure you of other mental health issues.

Have you had plastic surgery? What did you think about beforehand?


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Great article. Everything is really important. If you are travelling abroad, you need to find as many info about the country, culture etc. I’ve done my tummy tuck at Forme clinic in Prague. It was good to know something about the country and their language. They could speak fluent English at the clinic but they were so surprised when I told them AHOJ instead of Hi. It made them laugh.

Also....check the credentials of the anesthesiologist who is working with the doctor.....just as important.

The picture creeps me out. I mean,the scissors are right in her eye...

Best thing I've ever done!

Best thing I've ever done! Never looked back

Hey,have you guys seen the movie "Just go with it",with Adam Sandler? Yeah,if you did,then that's another reason!LOL

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