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10 Things to do in the Nude ...

By Jordin

Things to do in the nude don’t have to consist of sexual activities, or taking a shower. There are lots of different things you can do in the nude that are fun, liberating, and daring! You might think that certain activities to do in the nude would seem brash or bold, but going naked is more relaxing and empowering! Especially in the winter time, when it can seem like your skin hasn’t seen the light of day for ages, this list will be the perfect opportunity to bare your bod. Go ahead, pick one of these things to do naked and give it a try!

1 Work out Nude

If you’ve never done a workout in the nude, you have to try it. I would not suggest doing it if someone else is watching, because it may not make a pleasant scene. But you can try it out solo! Grab a few yoga or walking DVDs and have a private mini session in your own home!

2 Make Your Own Sauna

Here’s a great thing to do in the nude: make your own personal sauna! Close all the doors of your bathroom, and fill your tub with steaming hot water. Now soak a towel in it, wring it out and place it around your shoulders. Sit on the edge of your tub with your feet in the water. Once the temperature cools a bit, and you’ve gotten a nice steam facial, you can soak in the tub. What an excellent opportunity to give yourself a pedicure as well!

3 Enjoy Sensations

One of the greatest things to do in the nude is to enjoy sensations on your skin. Wrap yourself up in a soft and fuzzy blanket and snuggle on the couch. Or dry off with a towel that’s warm from the dryer. Rub a warmed body cream onto your shoulders. Learn to enjoy all types of sensations on your skin while in the nude!

4 Throw a Spa Party

Here’s something you and your friends can do while in the nude. Throw a little spa party! You can provide soft and warm robes for guests to wear on their bare skin. Light a few candles, play some classical music, and sit around chatting, exfoliating, and slathering purifying concoctions onto your bods.

5 Treat Your Guy

Want to know a great thing to do in the nude with your man besides the obvious? Why not give him his own personal massage session! The massage oil candles are perfect for this occasion. Pick out a few yummy scented ones to use. And don’t forget to strip down!

6 Cook a Meal

Every woman should cook in the buff at least once in her life. I wouldn’t suggest doing it on a Christmas or Thanksgiving family get together, but why not bake some cookies in your own kitchen? You can let the flour fly! Throw on some killer heels and an apron if you want to feel extra daring!

7 Have an Afternoon Treat

We all have those awesome lazy days when you can sit at home and do absolutely nothing all day. Why not make the best of yours with this crazy thing to do in the nude? Slide between the blankets with your man and share a big bowl of ice cream together! It’ll make the treat seem even more delish if you eat it in the non-traditional method. Toppings optional!

8 Skinny-dip

Skinny-dipping is one of the things to do in the nude you should try at least once. It may not be something you love, but it’s certainly a rush to experience! Public pools or swimming areas may be a bad idea, but a lake, pond, or private pool is the perfect place to cross this one off your list! Bonus points if you bring a friend or love interest.

9 Clothing Swap

All right, here’s a perfect idea to try in the nude for all you fashionistas out there. Grab your best girlfriend and plan a clothing swap. One day, when you feel bored and need to shake things up, run into the nearest restroom and swap outfits! You will get a little style tweak for the day, and totally keep people guessing. Hey, you may even find a new trend you love!

10 Pretend It’s Summer

What could be better than a summer night filled with sleeping bags, starry skies, and S’mores? A winter night filled with sleeping bags, fireplaces, and hot cocoa! Grab your significant other and put this on your schedule. You will have so much fun there’s no way you won’t want to do it again. You may even brave up and try an outdoors winter campout session!

These are some of my top things to do in the nude. A word of caution when stripping down: Make sure you pay attention to whom you are with and which windows may be exposed. You certainly don’t want bad photos or blackmail chasing you because you tried a few of these things to do in the nude! Have fun, but be careful. Which of these nude activities will you try first?

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