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We all know why we climb into the tub or step into the cubicle but I thought it would be a bit of fun to think about all the things to do in the shower besides washing. You can get so much more out of your bathroom than just your daily wash before school or work. Careful though – with the fun things to do in the shower to keep you looking fabulous, you may be spending way more time in there than you ever imagined.

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Hair Hydration

Washing your body with your favorite soap or shower gel is obviously one of the first things to do in the shower, but our hair is in just as much need of care as the rest of us. Applying a deep layer of conditioner to your hair after shampooing and leaving it to absorb and penetrate in to the follicles is a brilliant and effective way to achieve a silkier, shinier head of hair that looks and feels much healthier. Experts say that swapping your normal conditioning regime for a deep condition one or two times a week can do the world of good for your hair.


Dry Brushing

This is something to do before you turn the water on and is really worth the extra two or three minutes of your time. Using a natural bristle brush, scrub your skin using even strokes for between two to five minutes. This easy skin treatment helps to improve blood circulation and the flow of important lymphatic fluids that work to flush toxins out of skin cells. The process also helps to remove any lingering dead skin cells from an area, thus leaving your skin feeling fresh and revealing a glorious glow underneath the dead cells. An all round great way to stimulate the body and feel refreshed.


60 Second Mani/Pedi

We all know the feeling of having a silky film of conditioner left on our hands after applying it to our hair, well instead of rinsing it down the drain straight away, why not try rubbing the leftovers in to your cuticles and the rougher areas on your feet? Not only does it save you from having to waste any potentially expensive product, it gives your hands and feet a boost of softness. I'm not saying use the leftovers as a substitute for your normal mani/pedi regime, but a little extra never hurt anybody!


A Super Fast Facial

Rather than spending thirty or so minutes of your time applying a face mask outside of the bathroom, why not incorporate your face care in to shower time and kill two birds with one stone? There are a number of excellent quick speed face mask products available on the market, and a great time saving tip is to apply one of these masks and leave it on for the entirety of your shower, rubbing it off at the end. Gel-based masks are recommended over cream based ones for the shower, as they as less likely to fall away from wetter skin.


Immediate Body Moisturization

It is a proven fact that using body moisturizing cream or lotion is a lot more effective if applied to warm wet skin, as the pores are more susceptible and receptive to the absorption process. Hang a little bottle of your favorite moisturizer over the shower handle or tap faucet and you will never forget to apply it immediately after you have finished. Spend two or three minutes applying the lotion and you will really feel the benefit of having done it so soon after your shower, with your skin still warm and fresh.


Switch to Softer Skin Products

Us ladies have a lot more to contend with in the shower than just plain old washing. The majority of us choose to shave our legs and exfoliate whilst in the shower, for time saving purposes and for convenience. To avoid dry and flaky skin after these tasks, it is really worth investing in a good quality hydrating oil or creamy body wash to replace traditional, very drying bars of soap.



And lastly, where else do any of us sound any better than belting out our favorite songs in the shower? Having a little concert for one can put a smile on your face and really set you up for the day ahead. Disregard your neighbors and sing your heart out. After all, we all sound like Mariah Carey from the comfort and safety of our own bathrooms, don’t we!

Were the things to do in the shower as obvious as you thought they were going to be? What do you do in the shower other than wash?

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I sing and shave my legs

In many parts of the world people (almost always women have to walk long distances to get a bucket of water, please, let's not waste water selfishly.

I also do squats in the shower. While I wait to wash off my face scrub or waiting to rinse out my conditioner.

I sing! 🙈

shower sex

At home breast exam!

Exercise in the shower too!! Like high knees and squats saves loads of time!!

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