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Who knew there was such a thing as instant breast enlargement? Not me, that’s for sure. Until recently, that is. Apparently, it’s a thing and it’s a thing that women all over the country are trying out. The procedure, called Insta Breast, is relatively new and can be completed in a much shorter amount of time than the average breast enlargement surgery. However, as with any type of similar procedures, it pays to understand instant breast enlargement before undergoing it. Here is everything you need to know about it so that you can make the best choice possible.

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It Uses Saline

You probably know that many types of breast enlargement procedures involve inserting saline filled implants. Instant breast enlargement also uses saline. Unlike the traditional implants, however, the saline is deposited directly into the breasts, leaving them a bit larger and plumper.


It’s Temporary

Because the saline is placed directly into the body, it is absorbed and metabolized. That means that instant breast enlargement doesn’t last. Experts say you can expect the results to disappear after about 24 hours. You can have the procedure done for a special occasion, such as your wedding or a big date. However, don’t expect it to last forever. It will need to be repeated next time you want the perfect fit for a certain dress.


It’s Pricey

You are probably going to be shocked at the price tag for instant breast enlargement. The real deal costs plenty, but the temporary procedure costs anywhere between $2500 and $3500. That’s a lot of cash for something that only lasts about a day. You might decide to save up for a big day, but don’t be tempted to seek out a discount version. That almost never ends well.


It’s Great for Testing Things out

If you’re on the fence about whether you want to get breast implants or not, this temporary procedure is a way to see whether they are right for you. You can test drive the size you want and see how you like the look. Sure, it’ll cost you, but it’s better than shelling out the big dollars for implants and then deciding you don’t want or like them after all.


It’s Fast

Unlike the hours required to get true breast implants and the weeks of recovery time afterward, instant breast enlargement is done and over with in about 20 minutes. That means you could have it done on your lunch break and be back to work in plenty of time. In fact, some doctors report doing several of the procedures each week during a woman’s off time.


It’s Pretty Safe

Saline is something that your body already has in it, so injecting more doesn’t pose a huge risk. Most doctors say that instant breast enlargements probably aren’t as worrisome as implants since nothing foreign is being introduced into the body. It’s best to discuss the procedure with a licensed and experienced doctor to be sure it’s a good choice for you.


There Are Still Risks

That being said, there is still a risk when you get instant breast enlargements. A needle is used to inject the saline, but because it breaks the skin, there is still a chance that you might end up with an infection. That’s why it’s important to make sure you choose a doctor trained and licensed to perform the procedure.

Would you ever consider instant breast enlargements? Why or why not? Let me know what your thoughts on the procedure are. I’d love to hear what you think!

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I agree with Ayra even thought celebrities these days all have double Ds and therefore girls feel more and more girls feel insecure about themselves which sucks tbh because everyone is beautiful and I think it's time we all started loving ourselves for who we are

Niiiice Ayra , beautiful point there

Lmao this is nasty.Who would want some boobs for it to deflate in hours ☝☝😂😂😂😂✋

3k why on something that will last 24 hours

Crazy idea ! 3 grand for a day! I'll keep my little A's- thx!

@Ayra you rock!

Nice inputs Ayra. It's high time, we all appreciate the way, we look, be it our breast, or our entire body as women.

3.5-4K? That's how much my boob job was. It's better to get the real surgery than this temp one.

Small, large, pointy etc whatever your breasts are like, they're beautiful because they're yours and they're unique to you!

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