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7 Things to Know before Having Neck Enhancement Treatments ...

By Eliza

Neck enhancements are definitely something you can have done at the plastic surgeon’s office. But, just like any other treatment, you should learn more about the process before getting it done. That way you know exactly what to expect and can get the most out of it. Make sure you seek out a surgeon who is experienced with neck enhancements so that you can see before and after pictures so you know you’re getting what you want. Check out these important things to know and you’ll be one step closer to looking just like you want to.

1 Surgical and Non-Surgical

Much like other treatments, you can have neck treatments done that surgical and non-surgical. That means you can have less invasive treatments or go all out and have it all done. Your options range from filler injections all the way to a complete neck lift, so you can rest assured that you’re going to get exactly what you want.

2 Liposuction

Liposuction isn’t just for your legs and butt anymore. Using a smaller tool, many plastic surgeons are performing a treatment called microsuction. It’s used to get rid of that dreaded double chin, which is sometimes not due to weight gain. If you have some extra hanging out under your chin, consider this quick treatment to take care of the issue. This treatment isn’t without its risks, so be sure you fully understand what you’re getting into before going under the knife.

3 Chin Augmentation

Ever heard the term, weak jawline? Turns out there’s a remedy for that if you suffer from it. Chin augmentation is a thing and it works by adding a bit to your jawline, which can balance out your face shape and size, giving you a more proportional look. If this is something that you want to have taken care of, talk to your doctor about beefing up your jawline.

4 Fillers

Just like you can get fillers, such as Botox and Juvederm, in your face to eliminate wrinkles and lines, you can do the same in your jawline and your neck. This is a fairly simple procedure that you can get done quickly without a bunch of recovery time. Some people have it done on their lunch break! This treatment isn’t permanent, so you’ll have to have it done every few months to keep the results going.

5 Neck Lift

This is by far the most invasive neck enhancement procedure. It involves pulling the skin up, which eliminates sagging, wrinkling and signs of aging in your neck area. The treatment also involves lifting the muscles in your neck. It’s a permanent solution, but is surgical, which means there are certain risks involved. Generally, an incision is made under the chin or behind the ears and everything is adjusted.

6 Recovery Time

The amount of recovery time needed after a neck enhancement treatment varies depending on the treatment you have done. For some treatments, recovery is just a day or even a couple of hours. For others, such as microsuction, you’ll be out for a few days. A total neck lift might require even longer before you’re back to your old self. Make sure you plan accordingly.

7 Risks

Despite the huge advances in medical knowledge, there are still some risks involved with having plastic surgery. Anytime you have surgery, there is a risk of infection and being put under carries its own risks. You’ll be informed of all of the potential issues, which usually don’t become a problem. However, it’s important to read the information on your treatment very carefully so you know the problems you might face.

Would you ever consider neck enhancement treatments? I’m not there yet, but maybe in the future. After all, it’s hard to hide your neck, right?

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