This is How Your Daily Shower is Making You Break out ...

By Alicia

This is How Your Daily Shower is Making You Break out ...

Your daily shower is important for your health and hygiene. But what if your daily shower is making you breakout? If you’re wondering how that could be, keep reading. These are 7 ways your daily shower could be the reason your skin is suddenly crazy obsessed with staying broke out.

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1 Your Shampoo and Conditioner Work against Your Skin

Shampoo and conditioner are a big business. We care what our hair looks like, feels like and smells like. Shampoo and conditioner can give your hair all those benefits but also give you a big fat breakout. This’s especially true of moisturizing, frizz-control and sleek formulas. The only way to figure out if this’s the culprit of your breakouts is to switch to a different shampoo and conditioner duo.

2 Your Facial Cleanser is All Wrong

Facial cleansers can be confusing. If you struggle with acne or occasional breakouts then you need to stay away from cleansers for dry skin. If cleansers formulated for acne seem too harsh then go for one made for normal skin. Neutrogena is a trusted brand dermatologists often recommend. Another option is to go for a cleanser made with charcoal which is purifying.

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3 Your Body Wash is Scented, Colored or Otherwise Irritating

The very product that’s supposed to be your ally against yuck and grime may be causing the yucky skin you’re dealing with. Body washes can be irritating, especially if they’re heavily scented or dyed. Go for a body wash that’s gentle to your skin. Dove has a wonderful body wash for sensitive skin that a lot of people find relief in when they’re dealing with problem skin or breakouts. If acne is a chronic issue, Neutrogena actually has a body wash specifically to target that.

4 Shaving Gives You Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are a breakout you get from shaving. It’s not exactly acne but you can treat it with acne products to help clear it up. Prevention is a better long term solution, though. Make sure you’re using a shaving cream or shaving gel and always moisturize after your shower. Exfoliating regularly can help as well.

5 Your in-shower Body Oil is a Recipe for Disaster

Oil can be a wonderful product for your skin, face and hair if it works for you. That’s a big if. If you’re prone to clogged pores or have naturally oily skin then adding more oil may be a mistake. Many people are turning to body oil for moisture but unless your skin is truly of a dry nature, skip it. Instead, use an old fashioned body lotion and you’ll avoid a zillion breakouts.

6 You’re Not Drying Fully Afterward

While it’s best to apply products to your skin when it’s slightly damp, you don’t want your skin to be too wet. If it is, it won’t absorb the products very well. That sets you up for a worse breakout if your acne medicine can’t work. Dry normally and then immediately apply your skincare products. You have a certain window of time in which they work best.

7 You’re Not Showering Enough

Lastly, your daily shower can cause you breakouts when it’s not daily. If you’re going days between showering then your skin is going to have a lot more buildup of sweat, oil and regular old grime to cause breakouts. While it’s good for your hair to not be cleansed daily, the same isn’t true of your skin. A daily shower is also healthy. It washes germs away and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. It can also be a mood booster and a great way to get energized for the day ahead.

These-re 7 ways your shower could be causing you breakouts. What products generally break you out? Your comments could be helpful to others!

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it actually can be good for oil to be applied to oily skin

Oil is good for drawing out oil. And daily showers are not good for the skin at all, unless you are sweating or getting dirty. It's actually healthier to shower less.

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