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This is Why You Should Get a White Ink Tattoo ...

By Eliza

Here's what I love about white ink tattoos. They are subtle, but still really awesome. And some of them glow under a black light, which will make you the star of the show when you go to the roller skating rink. If you want some ink, but don't want something totally obvious, I think you'll like a white ink tattoo. Need more proof? Here you go!

1 Instead of a Wedding Ring

finger,arm,hand,close up,leg,Source: 33 Impossibly Sweet Wedding Ring

2 Just an Initial

face,nose,leg,close up,finger,Source: Should You Get A White

3 How about a Tiny Anchor?

blue,finger,nose,close up,skin,Source: 35 Best White Tattoo Designs

4 A Meaningful Quote is a Good Idea

face,nose,cheek,chin,lip,Source: 42 Insanely Magical Harry Potter

5 Fancy Flower Design

tattoo,pattern,arm,design,mehndi,Source: 60+ Ideas for White Ink

6 Get Something on Your Back

brassiere,clothing,active undergarment,undergarment,muscle,Source: Photo (ღ the girl next

7 A White Butterfly

face,nose,photography,skin,brassiere,Source: 60+ Ideas for White Ink

8 Moon Phases in White Ink

hair,person,woman,photography,beauty,Source: 20 of the Hottest White

9 Paw Print with a Heart

face,finger,nose,nail,skin,Source: 60+ Ideas for White Ink

10 White Feathers Are Fantastic

clothing,dress,arm,gown,textile,Source: A Few Things You Should

11 Just a Word That Means Something to You

white,arm,skin,leg,organ,Source: Should You Get A White

12 Optical Illusion Tattoo

face,cheek,nose,eyebrow,forehead,Source: 18 Optical Illusion Tattoos That

13 Doctor Who Tattoo

face,cheek,nose,chin,skin,Source: Community Post: 50 Fantastic "Doctor

14 Love is All You Need

color,tattoo,pink,red,lip,Source: 35 Best White Tattoo Designs

15 Infinity Cross

face,nose,lip,finger,skin,Source: Ink on your skin: Tattoo

16 Black Detailing to Highlight the White Ink Tattoo

tattoo,face,eyebrow,nose,arm,Source: 60+ Ideas for White Ink

17 Flying Bird

skin,arm,drawing,sketch,texture,Source: 19 Breathtaking White Ink Tattoos

18 Music Tattoo

tattoo,nose,arm,skin,organ,Source: 50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

19 Itty Bitty Swan

black,white,black and white,photography,arm,Source: 74 Of The Tiniest, Most

20 Temporary Tattoo to Inspire the Real Thing

hair,clothing,beauty,hairstyle,arm,Source: Indian Flower Temporary Tattoo Set

21 White Tattoo on Your Foot

arm,finger,close up,hand,leg,Source: 50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

22 Flowery Design

face,tattoo,arm,skin,head,Source: 35 Best White Tattoo Designs

23 Arrow on Your Wrist

face,finger,nose,skin,leg,Source: 50 Best White Ink Tattoos

24 Dream

face,nose,chin,skin,arm,Source: 23 Stunningly Subtle Disney Tattoos

25 White Stars

finger,arm,hand,nail,lip,Source: Should You Get A White

26 How about a Tree?

color,leg,close up,footwear,arm,Source: 20 Amazing J.R.R. Tolkien-Inspired Tattoos

27 Animal Foot Print

nail,finger,leg,hand,skin,Source: 50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

28 Really Cool Design

pattern,art,design,drawing,circle,Source: Everything You Could Ever Want

29 Amazing White Ink Wings

hair,nose,man,male,close up,Source: 60+ Ideas for White Ink

30 Just Breathe

color,red,pink,tattoo,lip,Source: 50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

31 Anchor on Your Foot

nose,tattoo,arm,skin,finger,Source: 50 Best White Ink Tattoos

32 A Big Flower is Awesome

face,clothing,finger,active undergarment,arm,Source: 15 Awesome And Interesting White

33 I Am the Ocean

white,black and white,black,close up,monochrome photography,Source: 50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

34 Geometric Pattern


35 How about the Bones in Your Body

arm,finger,hand,leg,Source: Should You Get A White

36 White Sternum Tattoo

tattoo,pattern,arm,design,art,Source: Underboob Tattoos: Some of the

37 A Simple Cross

face,finger,leg,nail,close up,Source: Should You Get A White

38 Put a White Ink Tattoo on You Wrist

finger,thigh,leg,arm,hand,Source: 50 Best White Ink Tattoos

39 A Bird in Flight

color,white,pink,close up,beauty,Source: Few Things You Should Know

40 Heart with the Beating Pattern

text,white,black and white,image,font,Source: 50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

41 White Lace Sleeve

hair,human hair color,face,hairstyle,hair coloring,Source: Should You Get A White

42 Believe


43 The Most Beautiful Tattooed Woman

hair,face,black,woman,beauty,Source: The Most Beautiful Tattooed Women

44 Feather on Your Arm

black,black and white,arm,darkness,monochrome photography,Source: Should You Get A White

45 Say Something with Your Tattoo

face,close up,lip,skin,eye,Source: Bustle
Would you ever get a white ink tattoo? Which one do you love best?

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