This TaoTronics Ring Light Halo Will Take Your Selfies to the Next Level ...

Have you ever wondered why some girls look practically perfect in their selfies while your best attempts look bleak and average?

Have you too tried to apply more makeup and pay for a professional blowout just to find out that the new images still do not compare to the effortless nearly perfect shots of other girls you see daily in your newsfeed? The answer is more than simple.

It's not the makeup, it's not the clothes or the room, it's the professional ring light they use to make those pictures. If you go to your Insta now and find the selfies we mean, you will see - there is nothing extraordinary about them except for how detailed and sharp they look, popping out from the rest of the postings. So, how do you get your selfies to look like that? The answer is: TaoTronics Ring Light Halo, your selfies and pictures will go from 5 to 10 in no time.

See how this miracle device works below:


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Selfies are such a big part of our social media life. No matter what we post on our Instagram accounts, pictures of food, pets, kids, art or sunsets, occasionally we do post a selfie.

If you are a beauty or a fashion influencer, selfies make the most of your postings. But regardless of how many followers you have and whether you are a professional influencer or just an avid user of social networks, everyone wants to make the best selfie possible.

As you have heard, light is everything when it comes to photography, and thankfully, with devices like TaoTronics Ring Light, you can get the perfect light that will make any selfie look heavenly.


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Another extremely important hack that all professional photographers use is finding the right angle - of both, the face of the model and the light, the way it hits the bone structure of the face. Thankfully, TaoTronics Ring Light Halo provides a front and rear 180 rotatable angle as well as a 360 horizontal angle, which makes it possible to make a perfectly lit picture under any thinkable angle. It’s perfect for all who love to experiment with poses and places of photoshoots.


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Light needs in photography can be different, and depending on the time of the day, the natural light in the room as well as the way you want to look in the picture, you might want multiple choices. TaoTronics' gadget offers 50 lighting modes - the ring light, with its 3 lighting modes and 10 brightness levels also offers 5 color temperatures which makes up for over 50 lighting combinations for a perfect, well-lit and balanced selfie or portrait.


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Most ring lights are extremely hard on the eyes, that is why TaoTronics made a ring light with added flash powder to make the light softer and less irritating to the sensitive eye. Even when working for a long time in front of the TaoTronics Ring Light, your eye health will not be compromised.


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This product comes with a quality sturdy tripod made of durable aluminum, it can support up to 22 pounds, it will hold the light, your phone and it has a charging USB port. Everything you need for a comfortable photoshoot without interruptions.


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Comfort is everything these days. Two-in-one multi functional remote control that comes with TaoTronics Ring Light Halo will make taking selfies and portraits a breeze. The remote control has a zero touch screen through Bluetooth which controls all functions remotely. You need all the comfort and convenience you can get to make the best selfies yet.

7. Special Offer

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Professional lighting equipment can be extremely costly, fortunately, TaoTronics knows how many people out there are in need of professional lightning they can actually afford.

Priced at $80.99, with free shipping, it's the hottest item in its category. To make the deal even sweeter, TaoTronics is running a special - with a limited time offer of $64.99 when using a special code for the extra $15 off. Don't forget to use the code to get your discount!

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