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7 Timeless Tips for Curling Your Lashes ...

By Holly

Curling your lashes can make your eyes look even more beautiful than they already are. It doesn't take much time or effort to get your lashes just right, but you should still have knowledge about the process, so you can create the best look possible. Here are timeless tips for curling your lashes:

1 Apply All of Your Makeup and Let It Dry

You shouldn't curl your lashes until all of your eye makeup is in place. You should apply your liner first, then your shadow, then your mascara. Once all of the products are completely dry and in no danger of smudging, you can move on to curling your lashes. Keep the curler closed on your lashes for about five seconds, then release it and repeat the process if you want extra volume.

2 Rotate the Angle of the Curler

Make sure that your eyelash curler is always parallel to your lashes. That means it should be used horizontally, not vertically. Once you have your curler wrapped around your eyelashes, you can rotate the angle of the curler in order to make your lashes curl in a more drastic manner. Just be careful not to rip at your lashes, because you don't want to end up pulling any of them out.

3 Heat Your Curler with a Blowdryer

If you want your lashes to stay curled for a longer amount of time, then you can heat your curler (slightly!) with a blowdryer before you use it. You need to be extra careful when attempting this technique, because you don't want to make it too hot and end up burning yourself. If you do, you could cause damage to your eyes or your beautiful lashes.

4 Keep Your Eyes Open

While you might feel more comfortable closing your eyes while you curl them, you should keep them open. For the best results, you should also make sure that your curler goes as close to the skin of your lid as it can without actually touching it. If you do, then it could be pretty painful, because you're skin isn't mean to be pulled like your lashes are.

5 Use a Spoon Instead

Don't fret if you left your eyelash curler out of reach. You can always use a makeshift curler, such as a spoon. After you take it out of your kitchen drawers and wash it to make sure it's clean, you can place the spoon against your lash line. Then you can use a combination of the spoon and your fingertips in order to curl the lashes just the way you want them.

6 Use Your Warm Hands

You don't need an eyelash curler, or even a spoon, to complete this technique. All you have to do is warm up your hands a bit by rubbing them together. Then you can pinch your eyelashes between your fingers, pushing them upwards. After a few seconds, they should remain in the position you want them in.

7 Buy Heating Lash Curlers

There's now a product on the market that will curl your lashes with heat. You move the tool in the same way that you'd apply mascara, so it's super easy to use. Plus, the heat will assure that your lashes stay curled for much longer than they normally would with an old-fashioned curler.

The look of your lashes can add beauty to your already beautiful eyes, so don't forget to take good care of them. Do you have any other tips for curling your lashes?

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