7 Times We All Feel Our Prettiest for Girls Needing an Ego Boost ...


Isn't it strange how you can look into the mirror one minute and think you look fabulous, but an hour later you glance into the same mirror and feel like a slob? That's because your beauty has to do with more than your actual looks. Your attitude and mood are also a part of it. If you don't believe it, here are a few of the occasions when you look your prettiest:

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When You’re Smiling

A smile can reshape your entire face. If it's a genuine one, then it will make your eyes look brighter and your face look like it's glowing. That's why you should make it a habit to smile at everyone you make eye contact with. Not only is smiling contagious, but it will make you look like a friendlier, prettier person.


When You're Feeling Confident

When you feel confident about your outfit or your life in general, you're going to walk a little straighter and smile a little wider. You'll keep your head up and shoulders back without even realizing it--and we all know how important good posture is when it comes to beauty.


When You're Not Obsessing over Your Looks

There's a reason why messy buns are so popular. There's a certain beauty in looking like you don't care about your looks. However, instead of spending an hour trying to make your hair look like you haven't touched it, you should genuinely avoid touching it. You'll look amazing by wearing it the natural way, whether you believe it or not.


When You're Talking about Something You Love

Have you ever watched a friend talk about something they were passionate about? When that happens, their eyes will glow and their entire face will look brighter. So if you want others to see how beautiful you really are, tell them all about your hobbies. The more you speak about them, the happier you'll be and the more gorgeous you'll look.


When You're All Washed up

It's no secret that a clean body and head of hair is more attractive than a dirty one. That's why you should never skimp on showers. As long as you smell nice and look presentable, then no one will dare call you unattractive.


When You Had a Good Night's Rest

Beauty sleep is no joke. If you rest for six to eight hours, which is considered a good night's sleep, then you're going to wake up looking and feeling refreshed. You won't have bags under your eyes and you won't be acting grumpy. That means that you're guaranteed to start your day by looking fabulous.


When You're Being Nice

Even the most beautiful people in the world can look ugly if they have ugly personalities, and it works the other way around. If you've ever met someone who looked average at first glance, but then ended up seeming more and more beautiful the more you got to know them, then you'll understand the importance of being nice. If you have a sweet personality, then others will view you as beautiful inside and out.

Beauty isn't all about your physical appearance. It also has a lot to do with how happy you are and the way you treat others. When do you think your friends look the prettiest?

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Loved this article 😄

Two days before I ovulate. My skin glows and my hair is gorgeous. My man sometimes looks at me in awe and I worked out it was 2 days before I ovulated that he was mesmerised by me.


Apparently you also look your prettiest when you're ovulating

I've been sharing all these tips for years. I wrote about it in my book Soaring Phoenix. I'm not promoting my book on here, but I'm glad someone else put it out. 36, wise, and beautiful from the inside out

Great article, relatable...thanks

Gud 1


Reading this made me happy, thank you so much!

I like this article

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