7 Tips for Achieving the Perfect at-Home French Manicure ...

By Sophia

7 Tips for Achieving the Perfect at-Home French Manicure ...

Tips For At-Home French Manicure can make all the difference when recreating this look at home. The French manicure looks chic in any language, however, we can’t always get them done professionally. A DIY French manicure can easily be achieved at home. You just need to know a few tips for at-home French manicure. From preparation to application, there are a range of different phases to achieving the perfect manicure. Check out the following tips for at-home French manicure below.

1 Prep

Preparing the nails will ensure that you have a clean base for a manicure. Firstly, remove any old nail polish, using a cotton ball. Press the cotton ball over the nail for a few seconds to soften the old nail polish. Remove the polish by wiping the cotton ball from the base to the tip of the nail.

2 Shape and Soak

Trim your nails to the desired shape and length. You can either go for a square shape or a more rounded nail, but this comes entirely down to personal preference. Take your time with this step as you don’t want to be overzealous in shaping the nail, as this could lead to breakage.

3 Soften and Shape

Apply cuticle oil or lotion to soften rough spots. Then using a cuticle stick, press your cuticles back (most cuticle packs will come with instructions). Avoid cutting your cuticles at home – this is best left to the professionals. Also, when it comes to tips for at-home French manicure, if you don’t have cuticle oil then olive oil works just as well.

4 Choosing Colours

The defining characteristic of the French manicure is the two tone design. The body of the nail is neutral and the tip of the nail is finished in white polish. There are many French manicure packs available, but sometimes these can limit your colour choices. If you have a personal preference for certain nail polishes then don’t be afraid to mix and match.

5 Base Coat

Apply a clear base strengthening base coat before you apply any coloured polish. This is one of the main tips for at-home French manicure and will help prevent nails from breaking or discolouration. It also helps create an even base to apply the coloured polish on.

6 Tip Top

Achieve the perfect white tip with the help of guide strips. You can buy these at pharmacies and supermarkets, or improvise with circular stationery stickers. Where you position the strips will depend on the length of the nail. Apply the white polish, extending from the top of the guide to the top of the nail. Once dry, carefully remove the guides and remove any adhesive with an alcohol-dipped cotton swab.

7 Layer Thinly

Once the tips have dried, apply your neutral/pink polish in two even coats. Let the first coat dry before applying the second coat. Finish off with a thin layer of a clear base or top coat. On of the main tips for at-home French manicure is to take your time, as you want to let all the coats of polish dry evenly.

When it comes to tips for at-home French manicure, there are various stages in the process. Preparing your nails is important, and actually applying the polish takes time and patience. However, with lots of practice you’re bound to perfect the art of the French manicure. Do you have any tips for at-home French manicure?

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THANK YOU. I keep trying to do these myself, and it always results in EPIC fail. These are great!

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