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I have a few tips for contact lens wearers to share with you! I wear contacts, and although it takes a few tries to master the art of removing and inserting them, contacts are relatively easy to use. However, you need to make sure you care for them in order to protect the health of your eyes! Your eye is a sensitive body part, and contacts can carry bacteria when not cared for properly. Here are my top tips for contact lens wearers!

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Always Wash Your Hands

Of all tips for contact lens wearers, washing your hands before handling them may be my most important one! Always wash your hands before removing, inserting, or otherwise handling your contact lenses. You want to keep those contacts as sterile as possible! Plus, you’re putting your finger in your eye, so you want it to be clean anyways.


Change out Your Contact Solution Daily

Don’t use the same solution for a few days thinking it will save time and money. Not only do you run a huge risk for infection, but you also will risk buildup on your lenses that can make your vision less clear. Go ahead and change the solution daily, and rinse out your case and each side of each lens every few days as well.


Don’t Sleep in Your Contacts

There are several contacts that are made to be slept in. While it’s certainly safe to sleep in those specific types of lenses, you will lengthen the life and quality of your lenses by taking them out at night anyways! And, it’s better for your eyes, as they get a little “rest” at night. No pun intended!


Apply Makeup after Inserting Contacts

Always put your contacts in before applying makeup! That way, you don’t risk messing your mascara and eye shadow up. You may also get flecks of makeup in your eye and on your contact lens if you insert your contacts after applying makeup. The same rule applies when removing makeup: always take your contacts out first.


Keep Your Fingernails Short

I love having long fingernails for fashion's sake, but it really hinders inserting and removing contacts. I have scratched my eye with my fingernail several times! It’s best to keep nails short, to avoid scratching your eyeball or ripping a contact lens.


Replace Your Case Monthly

Most eye doctors recommend replacing your case with a new one every 2-4 weeks, or 6 weeks at the longest. They are inexpensive, and you can buy them in bulk so you always have a fresh one on hand when needed! I bought a cute carrying case, so I didn’t have to look at a generic plastic case all the time.


Remove Your Contacts of Buildup

Every week or two, you can wash your hands and hold one of your lenses in the palm of your hand. Rinse it well with contact lens solution (never water) and then gently massage it with a drop of solution. This removes buildup and any debris on your lens. I also carry re-wetting drops in my purse for days that my eyes feel dry or my contacts seem blurry and sticky- which is a sign that I need to remove them of build-up!

I have been wearing contacts for almost 10 years now, and these tips have worked for me! Always remember to follow your eye doctor’s advice and replace your contacts as often as he says! Your eye health is important and could be compromised by a contact lens that isn’t properly cared for or replaced on time. Do you have any tips for contact lens wearers?

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Great advice! I think the nails one depends on the person. I learned how to put contacts in with long nails first. When I finally cut them it was VERY difficult to work with my contact and short nail. But that's just me lol

When I was a new user I didn't know I was supposed to change solution every day. My dr said to me "do you put on dirty underware"?? 'Nuff said!

Haha I know the nails one all too well. Couldn't bring myself to cut my nails off so after poking myself in the eye for a while I've mastered the art of putting in my lenses with my long nails :) ironically enough like someone else said if my nail breaks it's impossible for me to get my lenses in with the shorter nail! Lol~~

My eye doctor suggests rinsing the contact before and after every wear... and changing the solution as well. They also said to not wear them for more than 12 hours a day and no more than 6 times a week. Eyes need to get air and that way they will remain more healthy. Something that convinced me to change the solution every time is thinking of it as bathwater. You surely wouldn't want to reuse your bathwater after a long day.

what about the type of contact lens that are supposed to be worn at night? the hard ones? dream lens i think?

Great tips! Thanks!

I have been wearing gas permeable hard contacts for 42 years.... Yep! Since I was 13. I had one pair for 9 years. I took good care of them when cleaning and storing them overnight. Now I wear bifocal ones. They are amazing for us 55 yr. olds.

This was very helpful information for me I just started wearing contacts like a month ago

Really helpful for someone like me, considering contact lenses.

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