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7 Tips for How to Choose a Beauty Salon ...

By Kati

How do you choose a beauty salon? Do you judge based on the website, the friendliness of the receptionist, the treatments or the prices? With beauty treatments becoming more affordable, and new ones being unveiled all the time, it’s no wonder that there seems to be a salon popping up on every corner. Here’s how to choose a beauty salon if you’re tempted to try one…

1 Check out the Treatments

Before making a shortlist of beauty salons, check out their treatment lists. Beauty salons can offer a whole range of services, from make-up artistery to manicures, pedicures, skin treatments, facials, waxing, massages and intensive spa treatments such as reflexology or acupuncture. Once you know what treatments you’d like, it’s much easier to choose a beauty salon, and you’ll build a great relationship with your therapist too.

2 Location, Location, Location

Next up, think about where the beauty salon is. Would you prefer it to be closer to work, so you can nip in over lunch or on days you finish early, or is being located near your home ideal? How can you get there – is there a bus? If you’ll drive, is there parking? Also consider if the transport and location is suitable for the treatments you want – I once went home from a spray tan on a bus, and was left with the oddest marks!

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3 Cost

Obviously, your chosen salon needs to be within your budget, or you’ll never be able to afford to go. That doesn’t mean it has to be cheap, though. Would you prefer more regular low-price treatments, or could you save a little each week towards a more indulgent, luxury therapy less frequently? It’s also worth looking into the various schemes on offer – can you get loyalty points on any cards you use, or a free eyebrow wax every five visits? These schemes can make your trips extra good value.

4 Qualifications

How qualified do you want your beauty therapist to be? If you want a cheap service, you could opt to go to a salon close to a beauty college, and let the students guide your treatment. They’ll be supervised, and you’ll pay a lot less! Alternatively, if you like a certain type of massage or beauty treatment, look at what salons use that method. Beauty treatments are supposed to be relaxing, remember!

5 Test Visit

I’d fully recommend taking some time to go and meet the stylist at any beauty salon you are still considering. You need to be sure that they understand and are experienced with your type of skin and hair, and the type of treatments that you want. You’ll also find it much more relaxing if you get on well with the therapist! My first hairdresser was desperate to slash off my hair and give me a short blonde bob. I was very keen to keep it long. It was a big sign we should part directions…

6 Cleanliness

While you are meeting the therapist, have a look around the salon. Is it clean? Does it smell nice? Do the people seemed relaxed, or is it a stressful, tense atmosphere? Is equipment thoroughly cleaned, and are the staff using the correct bins? You can usually get a good feel for a beauty salon just by hanging around for a bit and seeing how clean it is, and how professionally it’s run. If it’s unclean, swipe it off your list. Beauty treatments such as ear piercing and electrolysis requires absolutely clean, or disposable, needles.

7 Ask Your Friends

The best way to narrow down your list of beauty salons? Ask your friends and family. Mouth to mouth referrals are important, because you can find out exactly what somebody else’s experience was like. You can also check out internet reviews, and testimonials displayed in the salon, but a referral (or warning!) from someone you know is much more valuable. It’ll let you know exactly what to expect.

Don’t forget to talk to the salon themselves if you haven’t yet made a decision – they might offer a cut price treatment to make themselves stand out from the competition, and give you a taster to help you choose a beauty salon. Once you’ve got one chosen, schedule a few treatments for the next few months, and give yourself something to look forward too. There’s nothing better than a relaxing massage! How do you choose a beauty salon? I’d love to know!

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