Tips for How to Look Good 😍 in Pictures 🎞 from a Professional Wedding 👰Photographer 📸 ...

Most girls wonder how to look good in photos so this advice is for everyone. Today the world is obsessed with photos and selfies, so looking bad in anything you post is not an option anymore. Yet lots of girls still don’t know how to make any picture look stunning and receive positive feedback from their audience. They continue taking pictures that don’t look attractive and as a result lose their potential audience. Don’t be scared anymore, because you can find simple tricks for how to look good in pictures right here.


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Yes, that sounds awfully dull, yet wedding photographers say that this is one of the most common mistakes women make. Keeping your eyes open is the best answer for how to look good in pictures. If there is bright light or for some reason you tend to blink in the “right” moment every time, just ask the photographer to count to 3 and open your eyes on the count of 2. In this way you’ll always have beautifully opened eyes in your pictures.

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