9 Tips for Preserving Homemade Beauty Products so They Last Longer ...

I know you all love the articles we bring you about homemade beauty treatments and products. But I know it’s also frustrating that few of the “recipes” ever include how long you can keep these goodies for. So I’ve gathered here some tips that you can apply in general for preserving and making your homemade beauty products last longer:

1. Refrigerate

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Many beauty products, especially homemade ones, require to be kept in a cool and dry place in order to increase their effectiveness and shelf life. This is even more the case with homemade products, and the refrigerator is the perfect place to ensure your creations are kept their best for the longest time possible.

2. Trust Your Sense of Smell

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Sometimes, you can take all the necessary precautions with regards to keeping your homemade products usable, but at the end of the day the items are perishable and you must trust your sense of smell. If any homemade creams start to possess a fishy or musty smell, especially those applied to the skin and face, it is better to be safe than sorry.

3. Avoid the Bathroom

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Though it might seem logical to do so, the worst place to store your homemade products is in the bathroom. This is the one room in the house in which bacteria growth is accelerated due to heat and steam, and avoiding this bacteria filled environment will help your products to have a longer life cycle.

4. Clean Your Hands

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One of the absolute simplest tips for preserving homemade beauty products is to make sure your hands are completely clean when creating them. Having clean hands will prevent any unwanted germs from spreading to the beauty product that you are manufacturing, ensuring a much longer shelf life.

5. Sterilize Your Bottles

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It is vital that you make sure the bottle you are using to store your homemade beauty products is free from fungus and bacteria. If your chosen bottle is glass, you must watch it thoroughly with hot water and soap and fully dry it before pouring your products in to it. Try to avoid using plastic bottles as any strong heat might melt them.

6. Try to Choose Hands Free Containers

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If you can, try to attain squeeze bottle containers in favor of tubs, as the less daily contact your homemade product has with your hands the longer it is likely to last. The everyday germs that accumulate on your hands could seriously affect the shelf life of your product; so the less contact you have with it the better.

7. Use Dark Glass Bottles

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Dark glass bottles are highly recommended over clear ones for homemade beauty products, with the dark colored glass helping the products to last much longer than if they were being stored in clear glass that can be more easily changed and effected by natural sun light.

8. Avoid Adding Water

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Adding water to your homemade beauty products should be avoided at all costs. This is mainly because bacteria love to grow in an overly wet environment, so the wetter your mixture, the less likely it is to last for a long time. If you absolutely have to add water to make your product, introduce it in small amounts and refrigerate immediately.

9. Add Vitamin E

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Though vitamin E isn’t actually a preservative, it is an antioxidant, which means it reduces the rate of oxidization in a mixture. By adding a vitamin E capsule with a pinhole prick in to your mixture, you stand a much greater chance of increasing the shelf life as well as boosting the effectiveness of the homemade product on your skin.

Making your own beauty products is not only fun but worthwhile. And if you can make them knowing they’ll last for a little while, then so much the better. Have you made your own products before?

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