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So few of us look great without mascara, so protecting your eyelashes to keep them primed for it is a great idea. Unfortunately, our poor old eyelashes go through a lot. We slather them in products, batter them with makeup removers, and occasionally we beef them up with synthetic aids. Protecting your eyelashes from damage will keep them looking fuller for longer (unlike beauty marketers, I am not twisting the truth here).

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Don't Wear Mascara Every Day

Do you really need to wear mascara every day? Protecting your eyelashes from damage is next to impossible if you insist on doing so. As someone who works from home, I find doing this easier than most. A lot of the time mascara doesn't go near my eyelashes unless I have to go somewhere for the day. Give your eyelashes a day off.


Avoid Waterproof Mascara

It is literally the hardest thing to remove. Ever. I once bought a waterproof mascara that took serious efforts with expensive eye makeup remover, olive oil, and baby oil. By the end of it, I'd managed to pull a load of my eyelashes out. Unless you envisage yourself dancing in the rain, just ditch it. Nobody needs mascara when they go swimming anyway.


Use Vaseline before Bed

But do so sparingly. If you use too much, you will block your lash follicles and prevent them from receiving nourishment. Using a tiny amount, minuscule even, makes them softer. You don't have to do this every night. Give it a go two or three times a week.


Try Lash Serum

Lash serums are formulated to help your lashes grow. There are lots of serums out there. Some cost the same as your average grocery bill, others are relatively cheap. They stimulate lash growth, so try using them on the nights you do not use Vaseline. This is a great way to plump your lashes naturally, and is very useful if you need to remove your mascara on a regular basis.


Wash Your Hands

Yep, you need to wash your hands to protect your eyelashes. Why? Because bacteria can cause conjunctivitis, which in turn can make your eyelashes fall out. So wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom, prep food, or just before you put on your mascara. Not only will you protect your eyelashes, you will save yourself the hassle of dealing with a nasty infection.


Fake It the Smart Way

Using false eyelashes is fine. However, you should never sleep in them, don't be liberal with the glue, and do not tug hard to remove them. Whatever you do, do not use a heated eyelash curler with your falsies. This can cause the glue to trickle down to the follicles, which in turn causes them to clog. It also makes them harder to remove.


Don't Use Extensions

No matter how convenient or tempting they may seem, avoid extensions. When they fall out, they can take your natural lashes with them. Like your hair, your lashes go through a life cycle. This means you need to wait for regeneration to see improvement post-extensions. Stick to falsies instead.

We all want our eyelashes to look great, but it is easy to damage them in the process. Ultimately, your natural set will look better than anything else. Your eyelashes may thin as you age, so take good care of them as soon as you can. If you have eyelash protecting tips, please share them for the rest of us to enjoy!

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A tiny bit of coconut oil on your lashes will grow them and keep them hydrated. Works like a charm

Point 2: exaggeration

Thank you so much for these tips!

Hi great tips thank you, but on the subject of waterproof mascara, I have a problem with very straight eye lashes so I have to curl them and then I use a max factor waterproof mascara, only a very small amount as this is the only thing that stops them from dropping. To take it back off I use a wash cloth and warm water, which I hold against each few eye for about 30 seconds and this removers all traces of the mascara without any damage! I hope this helps

I'm really proud of my eyes. I really don't wear mascara because it makes them so long and dramatic. My eyelashes are really dark, long, and curled, so wearing mascara makes it look like I have a good set of falsies on ^_^

I rarely wear makeup..... I look a-okay. I wear makeup only I'm with friends, like a guy, taking a picture, special occasions, and interviews.

I tried vasline but felt that it increased the falling of my lashes. I aslo tried olive oil and it made them thicker and longer.. :D needs time though

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