7 Tips for Throwing a Spa Party Right in Your Home ...

How many times have you thought that you could really do with a spa day? I have a junior high student, so this is a daily feeling for me. Whatever stresses you out and makes you need a break, a spa day can really do the trick. But, that appointment can get pretty costly, so having your own spa party at home is a great alternative. Youโ€™ll get the rest and relaxation you need and can invite the girls over to give you the social outlet you need. Hereโ€™s how to make your get together a totally successful one.

1. Start by Setting the Mood

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Part of the reason why going to the spa is so wonderful is the mood lighting. Having on all of your lamps doesnโ€™t evoke the same feeling so turn most of them off. Instead, use candles and dim lights so you can all see what youโ€™re doing, but allowing you to de-stress and get totally zen at the same time.

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