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Spring is upon us, so I’m going to share some tips for toenails that will leave your feet ready to debut those awesome sandals you just bought. Many women don’t realize how much a good pedicure can change the way your feet look. If you want toenails you can show off, you’ve come to the right place. All of these tips are easy to execute and won’t take a ton of time. So use these tips for toenails to give yourself the best looking feet possible in no time.

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Wash I know it goes without saying, but a simple shower might not be enough to keep your toenails clean. If you wear open-toed shoes or spent the day outside in flip-flops, you might need to put in a bit more effort. Use a soft-bristled nailbrush to clean any dirt and debris out from under your toenails so they’re clean and fresh at the end of every day.That's one of the best tips for toenails there is.



Moisturize Your nails are basically just skin, so it pays to moisturize them often. I usually apply lotion to my nails immediately after a shower and that’s actually the best time to do so. It locks in moisture and leaves your nails soft, supple and healthy. Use a general body lotion if you don’t have any skin issues, but talk to your doctor if you have a specialized skin problem that needs special treatment.


Clip Carefully

Clip Carefully Clipping your toenails too short can leave you prone to pain and ingrown toenails. It’s a good idea to cut them straight across rather than angling the nails down on the edges. This helps prevent ingrown nails and gives you a professional look you’ll love. Don’t cut your nails too short either. Allow them to hang just above your toe for the best results.



File Have you ever filed your toenails? Many women only file their fingernails, but you should be doing the same to your toes. File in one direction after cutting your toenails so they’re smooth and won’t snag on your socks. Not only is this good for your toenails, but it leaves them looking their best in any situation.



Buff Nail polish just sticks better to clean nails, so go ahead and use your buffer on your toes too. Again, buff in one direction to smooth and soften the surface of your nails. Be sure to brush away the dust and powder left behind before the next step.



Paint Polishing your nails is the most enjoyable part about caring for your toenails. You have so many options when it comes to colors and designs. Try one color on all your nails or try out some fancy combinations and patterns that will punch up your look. Use a base coat to prevent polish from staining your toenails, then apply two coats of color and finish with a top coat to give your nails shine and dimension.


See Your Doctor

See Your Doctor The best thing you can do for your toenails is to keep an eye on them and make sure they stay healthy and strong, no matter what. If you ever notice anything strange or different about your toenails, call your dermatologist for an appointment. There are many things that can go wrong with your toenails, from a fungal infection to melanoma, so it pays to monitor yours.

How do you keep your toenails looking their best? I recommend wearing shoes most of the time, especially in public places, so you can protect your toenails from nasty bacteria and fungi. Have I inspired you to give yourself a pedicure?

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