7 Tips for Toenails That Look and Feel Their Best ...

Spring is upon us, so I’m going to share some tips for toenails that will leave your feet ready to debut those awesome sandals you just bought. Many women don’t realize how much a good pedicure can change the way your feet look. If you want toenails you can show off, you’ve come to the right place. All of these tips are easy to execute and won’t take a ton of time. So use these tips for toenails to give yourself the best looking feet possible in no time.

1. Wash

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I know it goes without saying, but a simple shower might not be enough to keep your toenails clean. If you wear open-toed shoes or spent the day outside in flip-flops, you might need to put in a bit more effort. Use a soft-bristled nailbrush to clean any dirt and debris out from under your toenails so they’re clean and fresh at the end of every day.That's one of the best tips for toenails there is.

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