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Your boyfriend or husband may be the sweetest guy, but do you ever wonder how to get him to care about his appearance? It may not be the most important thing in a relationship, but it can be frustrating if he doesn't care about how he looks. Appearance is part of what attracts us to a partner, and if he wears scruffy clothes and doesn't comb his hair, you can feel that he's being far too casual. Here's how to get him to care about his appearance …

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Lend Him Your Products

When you're wondering how to get him to care about his appearance, try lending him your products to try. Some men don't use personal care products because they think it's not masculine, or they would be embarrassed to be seen buying a moisturiser. Let him try your products out and he might get hooked on cleansing and moisturising!


'Manly' Packaging

Society is still largely geared towards the 'pink for girls, blue for boys' attitude, so men may think that personal care products are not for them - that's a 'girly' thing. If your guy is too embarrassed to use 'girly' products, get him some items in more 'manly' packaging. Yes, a moisturiser is the same whatever packaging it's in, but he might feel more comfortable using it.

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There could be lots of reasons! Maybe he's stressed or just comfortable in the relationship. It's important to have an open, honest chat with him about how you’re feeling.

Try positive reinforcement! Compliment him when he makes an effort, and maybe suggest fun activities you can do together that involve grooming, like a spa day.

Approach it gently and lovingly. Focus on how it makes you feel instead of pointing out his flaws. Use 'I' statements like, 'I really enjoy it when you dress up, it makes me feel special.'

Stay calm and patient. Let him know you’re coming from a place of love and that you’re not criticizing him, but rather sharing your feelings and concerns.

You can try buying him some stylish clothes or grooming products as gifts! Sometimes, introducing new items gradually can spark an interest in trying them out.


Compliment Him

Guys love compliments just as much as women do, but they aren't used to receiving them. How often do we tell guys they look good? So pay him compliments. The more he gets used to hearing them, the more keen he'll be to look after his appearance. Try comments like 'Wow! That really suits you'.


Avoid Nagging

However frustrated you are that he doesn't 'make an effort' when you go out, try to avoid complaining about it. He'll probably feel that you're nagging, and be even less inclined to smarten himself up. He might even go out of his way to look a mess just to spite you. Positive reinforcement is much better.


In addition to avoiding nagging, it is important to understand that men may have different priorities when it comes to their appearance. Some men may not see the same value in dressing up for a night out as women do. It is important to communicate your expectations without coming across as demanding or critical. Instead, try to positively reinforce his efforts when he does dress up or make an effort. This will encourage him to continue putting in effort and may even lead to him taking more pride in his appearance. Remember, it is important to respect and understand each other's perspectives when it comes to appearance.


Be Devious

Sometimes you have to resort to devious tactics to persuade your man of the benefits of caring about his looks. Pretend that you've read in a magazine article that his favorite actor/player uses products or has facial treatments. You could also buy some products and tell him you won them!


Appeal to His Vanity

Clearly your guy isn't vain if he doesn't worry about his appearance. And you wouldn't want him to go to the other extreme and think he's God's gift to women. You're looking for a middle ground, so appeal to his vanity. Get him to cultivate an interest in looking good.


Everyone enjoys a compliment, and your guy is no different. Point out the specific things that look great on him or how handsome he is when he makes an effort. Don't overdo it—sincerity is key. Perhaps suggest a fun shopping trip together or a gentle nudge towards a stylish haircut that would enhance his features beautifully. Remember, confidence is attractive, and when he sees you noticing positively, it'll encourage him to take that extra step in his grooming routine.



Sometimes you have to be devious to get men to do what you want. And a subtle reward could be just the way of achieving that. Imply that he'll get rewards if he smartens himself up - say something like 'You look so hot when you wear that blue shirt I bought you/ style your hair' or 'you really turn me on when you're wearing a suit!'

Encourage your man to make the best of himself with these tips. Before you know it, he'll be spending more time in the bathroom than you do! These days, many men are spending as much on products and grooming as women do, and nobody thinks anything of it. It's fair enough! Is your man a metrosexual, or does he only own soap and shampoo?

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thanks for the tips i needed this!

If this were directed at men about the women in their lives, it would be called body shaming. I'm gonna go ahead and say it still counts as body shaming when it's about men.

what does that even mean? that's no advice

my guy is a soap and shampoo kind of guy. I need to help him care in so many ways lol. but I try to be sensitive, because I know how I would feel if he hinted I didn't try hard enough.

awesome!!!! trying this right away

my guy cares a lot on his appearance still helpful

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