7 Tips on Shaping Your Eyebrows so They Look Fabulous ...


If you want your face to look fabulous, you should follow these tips on shaping your eyebrows. Some people neglect the area, but the style of your eyebrows can dramatically change your appearance. Here are some helpful tips on shaping your eyebrows:

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Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby Despite what you’ve heard, you don’t want to apply ice in order to numb your skin before tweezing. This will only make your skin more firm, and actually increase your pain. Instead, wash your face will hot water to open up your pores. One of the biggest tips on shaping your eyebrows is to take a warm shower beforehand, because it will make the process easier.


Start and Stop

Start and Stop In order to determine where your eyebrows should begin and end, grab a pen, or another straight object. Place it vertically against the edge of the bottom of your nose, and mark off the beginning of your eyebrow with eyeliner. Now, it’s time to find the end point. To do this, place the pen on an angle so that one end is on the bottom of your nose, and the other is against the outer corner of your eye. Mark the spot, and then tweeze any pieces of hair that lie outside of it.


Importance of the Arch

Importance of the Arch Eyebrows don’t go straight across, so you need to make them arched. Grab an eyebrow pencil, and don’t be afraid to draw on your face. You can draw on different styles to see what looks best, and then tweeze accordingly. womenshealthmag.com says, “The arch should peak above the outer rim of your iris and lie right on your brow bone.” If you’re still not quite sure how to shape them, look up some celebrity photos and let them be your guide.


Fill in

Fill in If you’re not happy with the fullness of your eyebrows, you can fill them in. Buy a powder that is the same shade of your eyebrows, and grab a brush. Now, outline the edges of your eyebrows with the powder, and then start working on the inside of the area. If your eyebrows aren’t long enough, then you can extend their appearance by using the same method.


Keep a Comb

Keep a Comb It’s amazing what an eyebrow comb can do for you. You might not need any plucking, after all. You just need to smooth the hairs down with an eyebrow comb. It only takes two seconds, but it can drastically enhance your look.


Magnified Mirror

Magnified Mirror It helps to have a magnifying mirror in your house. It’ll help you see each hair more clearly, and you won’t stand the chance of missing any of them. If you want your brows to look perfect, then it’s worth investing in one of these helpful mirrors.


Pay for Professionalism

Pay for Professionalism When in doubt, head to the beauty salon. You’ll have to pay a few bucks to get your eyebrows done professionally, but it’ll save you the hassle of doing it yourself. Plus, you know that they won’t mess up at all. If you’re worried about your eyebrow shaping abilities, you’re better off going to a salon for assistance. It won’t take long.

Once you find the perfect shape for your face, you’ll feel brand new. Get ready for compliments, ladies! Do you have any additional tips on how to shape eyebrows?

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I tríed the experiment of creating my own eyebrows and it turned out great! I know look sexier and mysterious.Thanks for blogging

Actually I've learned that a magnifying mirror is the last thing you want to have when your creating a new brow shapr

This really good thanks for the advice

I do my own eye brows

It is just a taste question,everyone likes it to look different,everyone even has different...

I need something to grow my eyebrows faster ! I used castor oil and some other products and good luck yet! Any ideas?

Eyebrows are sisters not twin sisters...

the picture after #1 is just horrifying

#5 girl has no brows

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