9 Incredible Tips to Look Great in Every Photo ...


9 Incredible Tips to Look Great in Every Photo ...
9 Incredible Tips to Look Great in Every Photo ...

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to look great in every photo? Well, I have worked in front of the camera for a good chunk of my life, and through trial and many errors have come up with a list of ways to look great in every photo. I guess a more honest title would be, "How to look great most of the time in your photos," because there will always be that occasional shot where your eyes are closed or you just aren't in the mood. But with the exception of those moments, this list will help you put your best face forward with each snap.

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Good Posture

Good Posture I don't remember if I heard this in ballet or in a runway class, but these words will forever ring in my ears: "Stand as if you are trying to touch the sky with the top of your head." This always has worked for me if I need to correct my posture because it automatically brings the shoulders back, chest up and straightens the back out. Good posture is a sure way to look great in every photo that you take. I consider posture to cover everything from your toes to the crown of your head. One mistake you don't want to make is to straighten up only to lower your head at the last second so you are the same height as others. I was guilty of doing this for years because I didn't want to be the tallest girl in the photo. Stand up tall, ladies, no matter what your height, stand tall!


Know Your Best Side

Know Your Best Side Have you tried taking photos standing on the right side and also on the left side of another person? If you haven't experimented with this, take a few shots and see which side is your best side. Most people turn slightly to one side, especially in group shots, so this is a good thing to know about yourself. I always stand to the right in photos with others because my right side is slightly more symmetrical and slimmer. You will notice that one side may look totally different than the other side and this is fine. Although my right side is slimmer, I noticed my left side looks fuller and as a result more youthful. This allows me to be really intentional in photographs.



Smile Basically, don't make duck face in photos if you want them to be timeless. Everyone appreciates a great smile in life, and also in photos. I noticed I wasn't smiling with my teeth as much for a season and realized that I wasn't happy with my teeth. I drink a lot of tea and I noticed there was a small stain on the bottom row. A few weeks of whitening strips worked miracles and I couldn't stop smiling! A beautiful smile is another sure way to look great in every photo, even if you don't show your teeth.


Chin up

Chin up Honestly, this was the hardest tip for me to remember. I think it's because I was really shy for most of my life, and so I naturally found ways to hide at the last second in photos. Be sure to hold your chin up when taking photos, ladies. Not only do you appear more confident, you can see more of your gorgeous face! When you pull your chin down it can appear awkward and isn't flattering.


Personal Style

Personal Style So who are you and why are you in front of the camera? Whether you and your friends are just having fun or your great aunt from Dublin insists on taking a boat load of photos to remember you by, it's time to shine! Find ways to show your personal style whenever you are in front of the camera. The easiest way to do this is to always be camera ready. Okay, maybe that's not practical for your lifestyle or even something you care about. But, you can find small ways to be yourself through your clothing and the way you rock your hair each day. When your style reflects your personality, your true essence comes through and you will always look your best.


Inner Healing

Inner Healing I'm sure that you have all heard that your eyes are the window to your soul, right? Well, taking some time to really deal with your inner life will go a long way in front of the camera. Have you ever seen a photo of someone who is smiling but it looks like their smile is hiding a frown? Or maybe you know someone who just doesn't want their photos taken at all? Being in photos can be a painful experience if you aren't happy. It's fine to pass on getting your photo taken if you aren't in the mood. But if it's a pattern, take some time to reflect and see how you can get your confidence and joy back.


Look above the Lens

Look above the Lens I learned this tip from a photographer a few years ago. He told me to look slightly above the camera lens instead of directly into the camera. Believe it or not, this gives the appearance that you are looking into the camera more than if you actually do. It's a really interesting tip that I always use when having photos taken professionally. Be sure to take a few test shots this way if it's the first time you are attempting this.


Hair Check

Hair Check I don't know about you, but when my hair is on point I feel like I can get away with just about anything! When it's time to take a photo, make sure your hair is as well groomed as possible. If it's up, throw it down if you can get away with it in time because your hair will naturally frame your face.


Breathe & Exhale

Breathe & Exhale This is a great tip that will prevent you from looking like a soldier in your photos. Sometimes when you focus on posture, it's easy to look stiff. Take a quick deep breath and exhale before you smile for the camera. This will take the edge off and help you look natural and relaxed. It only takes a second or two but can make a huge difference, especially if you are taking multiple shots.

I absolutely love photography, don't you? I'd love to hear some of your tips for looking great in front of the camera. And if you don't like the camera, I'd love to hear about that as well. Cheers!

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Love the lens tip it worked thanks

Brilliant tips! thanks so much!

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Brilliant tips. I'm on vacation soon and will be practising some of these

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Chin-up is not always correct - if you have a double chin, you should try chin a bit down, but push it to front. Together with a bit tilted head it could make all the difference

Awesome tips! Thank you! I now realize I made half of the things listed wrong which kept me wondering why I did not turn out the way I thought I would in the pictures...

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