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We all want to look our best and most of us don't have the bank balance of an A-Lister to make us look red-carpet and flawless, but there are some top beauty tips to make you look like a superstar. Best of all, they won't mean you have to take out a second mortgage. Here are some of the top beauty tips for this summer and beyond.

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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Despite their hectic schedules and early morning wake up calls for filming, celebrities still manage to look fabulous and don't have the dark under-eye bags that us mere mortals have to contend with. A little trick to get rid of them is to dust a thin line of taupe eyeshadow under the lower lashes. This will offset those bluish under-eye circles in no time. This is one of the top beauty tips.



Glow-Tion How is it that those A-Listers look like mythical creatures from another realm, with their gorgeous glowing skin? It may be the fact that they have spent $800 a month on microdermabrasions and chemical peels, or maybe they have had a spot of bee venom or gold injected? Whatever their extravagant indulgences in the magical and mythical land of La La, you too can glow but for a fraction of the price. Just mix a pinch of metallic eye shadow in with your face lotion and voila, you will look red carpet ready in seconds!


Bronze It up

Bronze It up Chiseled cheekbones a la super model, anyone? Well, this can be achieved with a little clever contouring. Just sweep some bronzer onto the hollows of your cheeks to create depth and make your cheekbones stand out more.


Paint It on

Paint It on To get that airbrushed look that models on the catwalk seem to have, use makeup brushes to apply your foundation rather than your fingers. It gives a more even distribution and will give you a beautiful, soft coverage.


Go Nude

Go Nude Ok, don't go fully nude because you will get arrested, but nude lips can make you look super sultry and effortlessly chic. Don't waste your money on a nude lipstick though. Just dip your makeup sponge in your foundation and press it to your lips. Let it dry for a few seconds, then apply a clear gloss over it for A-List lips.


Beautiful Brows

Beautiful Brows We all know how important brows are and how they have the capacity to shape your face and accentuate your best features. I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to get a bit plucky happy when it comes to my brows, and we all know what a slippery slope that can be! If your brows aren't as full as you would like, don't spend your hard earned cash on products made specifically for brow boosting and grooming. Just use your own volume-lifting mascara to conceal any patchy gaps.


Hot Lips

Hot Lips I love treating myself with a new lipstick every now and then. The truth is, you can probably make your own beautiful shades by mixing your existing ones, which means you won't have to spend your money on a shade you could have made yourself at home. For example, you can mix a coral and a red to make a fabulous fuchsia, or a brown and pink to make a ravishing rosy hue.

These are some of my top beauty tips but there are so many more. What are your top beauty tips for this summer and beyond?

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I think mascara is a MUST, whether used with no other eye makeup or the works.

Nice tips how to mix 2 lipsticks into one

Never use mascara to fill in brows! That is a terrible tip!!! Use either a wax or a power, both in some cases, but never mascara!

Tip: never ever use a shimmery orange based bronzer for contouring. Go for matte brown shades.


What about your eye lashes?

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