7 Top Beauty Tips to Make You Look like a SuperStar ...

We all want to look our best and most of us don't have the bank balance of an A-Lister to make us look red-carpet and flawless, but there are some top beauty tips to make you look like a superstar. Best of all, they won't mean you have to take out a second mortgage. Here are some of the top beauty tips for this summer and beyond.

1. Bright Eyes

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Despite their hectic schedules and early morning wake up calls for filming, celebrities still manage to look fabulous and don't have the dark under-eye bags that us mere mortals have to contend with. A little trick to get rid of them is to dust a thin line of taupe eyeshadow under the lower lashes. This will offset those bluish under-eye circles in no time. This is one of the top beauty tips.

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