Top 13 Best Lip Balms ...

Lip balms are something that every single girl has in her purse -- but do you have the right lip balm? Do you have one that is going to make your lips look beautiful, tint them perfectly and keep them moisturized in just the right way? Well, take a look at my top 13 lip balms that are truly amazing in the way they moisturize, tint and leave your lips looking luscious!

1. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

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If you want a lip balm that is not just going to leave your lips looking luscious and ever-so-beautiful, but is going to leave them soft and with a little tint, this is the best lip balm for you! It’s formulated with SPF 15, is packed with black currant oil and fatty acids to make your lips plump and it has different shades to choose from.

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