Top 5 Reasons Women in Their 20s Get Plastic Surgery ...

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Top 5  Reasons Women in Their 20s Get Plastic Surgery ...

Wondering about the top reasons women in their 20s get plastic surgery? Plastic surgery will always have some kind of controversy surrounding the procedures, but it nonetheless is a very common type of surgery, even for women who are in their 20s. Getting plastic surgery is always a very personal decision, but your age shouldn’t necessarily be a factor in determining whether or not you’re ready for something like plastic surgery.

It’s true that young women are getting plastic surgery more in recent years, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2015 Plastic Surgery Statistical Report, there were right around 816,000 cosmetic procedures involving women in their 20s throughout the calendar year. 567,000 of those 816,000 plastic surgery procedures were minimally invasive, so they didn’t necessarily require surgery.

Dr. Garo Kassabian is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country based in Beverly Hills, CA, and he has helped compile the following list of the top reasons women in their 20s get plastic surgery.

1 Personal Insecurity

No one is born flawless, and many times simple genetics can be a reason why young women get cosmetic surgery. The most common procedures young women go through that involve some kind of personal insecurity would be liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and nose reshaping. Other procedures that are gaining in popularity are buttock augmentations and lower body lifts. Insecurity is definitely one of the top reasons women in their 20s get plastic surgery.

Although these type of procedures are great for building up confidence in your looks it’s REALLY IMPORTANT to understand that plastic surgery is only meant for simple alterations to help one or maybe two insecurities. If you or a friend are feeling insecure about or just simply hate the way you look, especially at a young age, then it’s important to get help and build up your self-esteem in more meaningful ways than simple cosmetics.

2 Acne Scars

Most women in their 20s have had some kind of association with acne, and in some cases, acne can leave some scars that can lead to a decrease in confidence levels.

What’s great is that plastic surgeons can do wonders in terms of removing acne scarring or making it much less noticeable, and this is a procedure that many young women are excited about because there is now a great solution to hide the growing pains of teenage acne!

3 Health Problems

For younger women, plastic surgery can be a necessary means of fixing some kind of injury or physical ailment. Sometimes this includes procedures like eyelid surgery to improve vision or nasal surgery to help with breathing and stop snoring at night.

Plastic surgery can help improve all kinds of health problems, and for younger women, this is a very common reason why they get plastic surgery.

4 Genetic Abnormalities

Abnormalities can be kind of vague, especially because everyone is beautiful in their own unique way! But in the plastic surgery world, a genetic abnormality would be anything that is having a legitimate negative effect on a woman’s everyday life.

These types of procedures must always be decided upon by the patient themselves, not parents, which is why these procedures tend to happen once a woman is in her 20s and can make the decision on her own. But many times these ‘abnormalities’ that women fix in their 20s are very miniscule, like mole or birthmark removal.

5 Weight Loss

A lot of times when we hit the gym really hard and lose a ton of weight we end up with some excess skin. Many times women in their 20s will get plastic surgery after losing a bunch of weight to put the finishing touches on their weight loss efforts.

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