7 Top Tips for Building a Capsule Makeup Collection All Minimalist Girls Will Love ...


7 Top Tips for Building a Capsule Makeup Collection All Minimalist Girls Will Love ...
7 Top Tips for Building a Capsule Makeup Collection All Minimalist Girls Will Love ...

I'm sure we've all been guilty of having a makeup stash that is constantly growing by the day as we can't stop ourselves from being tempted to buy that newest mascara or yet another matte lipstick that someone amazing like Kendall Jenner was wearing the other day, right?! 💋💄

But can I tell you the secret to an ultimately amazing makeup collection? The minimalistic approach! This means you only keep the products you really need and only buy what you will definitely use! Sound like something you might want to try? Then keep reading for top tips on how you can get started! ❤️

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Sort 'toss' and 'keep' Piles

The first thing you need to do is find all your makeup - wherever you're trying to keep it all - and tip it all out onto the floor. Any product that is too old (and there's always some, trust me) needs to be tossed, no questions asked.

The idea is to look at your makeup with a critical eye and only keep the necessary products, such as any favourites or ones you wear all the time and get heaps of use out of.

Move these products to a special draw or makeup bag and make a point of keeping them together so that you can find your favourites easily even on those late mornings when you're rushing out the door!


Determine: Matches Vs Clashes

It's no surprise that a lot of the time certain shades look drop dead gorgeous when paired with certain hair colours, skin colours and eye colours, right? No worries if you don't know which are your match made in heaven, but that does mean it's time to find out (a.k.a time to get your laptop out for a bit of quick research).

Instantly being able to know which colours are going to look amazing on you due to being compatible with your physicality is a top tip in building your capsule makeup collection as it will limit your purchases to only buying products that will favour you, and therefore avoiding ones that may end up disappointing due to a poor colour match or 'clash'.


Justify Your Makeup Purchases

There's nothing wrong with buying products which you already know work well for you, so don't feel bad about picking up another one if you're completely out or running low! Equally, there's nothing wrong with snooping in the sale section for a few cheap buys.

That being said, try resist the temptation of buying them simply because of the price tag. Justify your makeup purchases due to the quality and personal value of the product, not due to the cheap sale price.


Resist Spontaneous Makeup Shopping

When it comes to buying new products Google is your best friend! There are millions of makeup review websites out there for you to explore and chances are that if you've been eyeing up a particularly popular product, there will be several reviews on it already from people who have tried it out!

Even though it takes a little more time to do research on certain products first, it's a great way to get an idea as to if it will work for you. Personally I can highly recommend using Makeupalley.com - I use this every time I want to research products I'm thinking of buying. You can even filter down the reviews from product to skin type, hair type, eye colour and a few others to make it more specific to your physicality.

If you can, also find out the ingredients as this can be particularly useful for anyone who's skin is on the sensitive side or has reactions from certain ingredients used in makeup products and looking to avoid them.


Stick to Your Favourites

I'm sure we all have those special favourite products that would leave us pretty much sobbing if we ever lost them! If you know what I'm talking about, you'll like what I'm about to tell you which is to keep on buying them in the future!

That's right, stay loyal to your favourites as these are the products that have proved they're worthy of your time and money and therefore they will only continue to favour you in the future.

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Understand Your Beauty Habits

It's only natural that everyone will have probably very different products stocked in their draws and makeup bags, but that's completely okay! You makeup collection just needs to look like yours, not like your best friend's or even Kendall Jenner's.

Don't be tempted or feel pressured to buy extra unnecessary makeup products just because someone else has it - the most important thing is to understand your own beauty habits and stick to a makeup collection that you know you love and use all the time!


Be Aware of Duplicates

I know it can be super tempting to stock up on another one of your favourite mascaras or lipsticks because you know you love it, but try to avoid this temptation as it's an easy way to end up with duplicates and therefore unnecessary makeup clutter.

It's great to keep buying the products you know you love and will keep using in the future, but try to limit yourself to only buying a replacement when you really need to, otherwise who knows how many replicas we'll have lying around?!

This is also one of the best ways to build your capsule makeup collection as it ensures only the essentials are in your draws for the ultimate minimalistic approach!

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I absolutely love this idea and it's inspired me tons! Thank you, the capsule wardrobe idea is incredible and something I desperately need to implement. What a wonderful idea, I think I may adopt this next season.  I really want to get through some products and have a more minimal collection. This post has inspired me to have a good sort through of my beauty bags!! Your post is definitely inspiring me to get stuck into my makeup drawer and whittle it down to the items I love and actually use!

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