7 Tremendously Helpul Tips on Finding the Right Makeup for Your Hair Color ...


7 Tremendously Helpul Tips on Finding the Right Makeup for Your Hair Color ...
7 Tremendously Helpul Tips on Finding the Right Makeup for Your Hair Color ...

When you shop for makeup do you look for your makeup for your hair color? Matching your makeup with your hair color isn’t just for those who have candy colored hair! Just like using cosmetic colors that complement your eyes, you can wear colors that complement your hair color also! For more insight into finding the right makeup colors to flatter your hair color, keep on reading!

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New Hair

If you’ve colored your hair a very different hue than your natural color, you’ll want to be swift in finding makeup to complement your hair color. At first glance it might seem like your current range of makeup colors will work,and they might, but the new hair color can bring out certain tones in your skin that you didn’t notice before. Your foundation, eye makeup and lip color might need some updating or mixing up so feel free to explore your options!


Skin Tone

Before you find makeup for your hair color, take your skin tone into consideration too. I know this is a lot to think about and it can get confusing, but it’s always best to have a hair color that is a nice match to your skin. This will keep things simple and also keep makeup costs down. A really nifty benefit of makeup is that it can help you create colors that will better suit your skin tone and/or skin. So, if your hair color happens to not pair so well with your natural skin color as mentioned above, create your own custom blend of foundation and make it match better!


Eye Color

I promise I’m getting to best makeup for your hair color, but first another quick detour! Let’s cover all our bases by also keeping eye color in mind when it comes to makeup colors. Skin tone, eye color and hair color can all make a difference how we look. Blue eyes and green, taupe, pink, purple and black coordinate nicely. Hazel eyes often reflect colors around them so hazel eyes and green eyes both look fab go for browns, greens and plum colors. Brown-eyed girls look great in both light and deep shades of pink, purple, brown and blue.


Dark Hair

Finding the right makeup for raven-haired beauties isn’t hard at all! Ladies who rock dark hair look best when you play up one feature and keep the rest simple. Well-defined eye makeup with nude lips and peachy blush can be super sexy. Ladies with dark hair and medium skin rock the hell out of wines and other blue-based colors for lips and pink-based colors for lids. Va va voom!


Red Hair

Picking out makeup for your hair color is also a breeze for redheads. Some antiquated information will warn redheads from wearing reds, pinks or anything that is too much of a contrast to your hair color but you can feel free to ignore those rules! Choose blush that’s a rosy pink and avoid wearing heavy foundation. As for eyes, peaches, apricots and sheer greens look so lovely and feminine!


Blonde Hair

Blonde-haired ladies, find the best makeup for your hair color by defining eyes and showing off a healthy glow on cheeks. Peachy pink or sheer berry blushes and golden brown lips and lids with brown or black mascara look oh so sexy and further complement the light your hair color naturally brings to your face!


Contrast Colors

Another thing to remember when you’re considering makeup for your hair color is that it’s perfectly okay to contrast colors. No matter what color your hair is, you can wear contrasting makeup colors to really make your hair pop or better yet, burst with color! If you’re unsure of all the colors that contrast with your hair color, check out this color wheel for some guidance on matching, blending and contrasting colors! beauty-product-junkies.bellasugar.com

Finding the appropriate makeup for your hair color can seem complicated but it all comes down to what you think looks best on you. While there are plenty of friendly guidelines, there really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to makeup! Keep these tips on matching your eye color and skin tone to your hair but don’t think you can’t create your own rules too! Do you match your makeup to your skin tone, hair or eye color?

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No not really. I use a lot of the colors that will make my eyes look bluer and looks good with my skin tone, but I also like to go wild and just use bright crazy colors!

I would love to see an article about how far in the spectrum you can safely go with hair color! Is it safe to go more than 2 shades beyond your natural?

This post was so helpful thank you :)

I have half pink and half black hair lol

What if we have a natural mix of all three colors?? My hair is barely below a dirty blonde with natural blonde and red highlights..,

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