7 Tricks for Making Your Legs Look Longer and Sexier ...


Every woman wishes she had a pair of long, sexy legs. If you're insecure about the way your own legs look, then you don't have to hide them away under baggy clothing. It's actually super easy to create the illusion of longer legs, so you never have to feel self-conscious again. Here are a few simple tricks for making your legs look longer and sexier:

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Wear Higher Hemlines

If you want the illusion of longer legs, you need to be willing to show a little skin. Wear skirts that are a bit shorter than what you usually wear, and buy short shorts that don't cover up too much. That way, it'll look like your legs are longer than they actually are. So try to show as much skin as you can without appearing inappropriate or feeling embarrassed about your look.


Buy Some Heels with Height

The higher your heels, the longer your legs will look. If you're looking to buy a new pair, opt for nude ones. When your shoe looks similar to your skin color, it'll trick the eye into thinking that everything is a part of your leg, which will make you appear taller.


Stick to High Waisted Shorts

You want your waistline to be as high as possible. That means you should invest in high waisted shorts and dresses with empire waists. That way, no one will know exactly where your legs start. For all they know, they start up by your waistline, creating the perfect illusion .


Look Voluptuous in Vertical Stripes

As you probably already know, horizontal stripes will make you seem wider, and vertical stripes will make you seem taller. That's why you need to buy a cute pair of pants with vertical stripes on them. They're guaranteed to make your legs look lengthier.


Stick to the Same Color

You should try to wear the same color on your shoes, pants, and shirt. That way, your outfit won't appear broken up, and no one will see how short your legs are. It's best to do this when you're wearing black, because it's the color that will give you a slimming effect. It'll make you look all around gorgeous.


Add Beauty with Bronzer

If you want your legs to look their best, make sure to apply a bronzer. If you're not comfortable doing so, you should at least put some moisturizer on your skin, so that your legs look shiny and lean. Once they do, everyone will consider them gorgeous, even if they don't look lengthy.


Opt for Pointed Shoes

Pointed shoes will make your feet look longer, which can result in your legs looking longer. You want to stay away from shoes that look like they're boxing off your toes, because it won't help your height. Of course, you can always ignore this rule when you find a super cute shoe that you wouldn't dream of passing up.

Fortunately, with the help of make-up and clothing, it's pretty easy for a woman to make herself appear completely different than she actually looks. Once you figure out the effects certain items of clothing can have on your body, it's easy to look your best. What other tips do you have for ladies to make their legs appear longer?

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Ha already have longer legs. Those of you who are like "ballet is just walking around in tutus" well thats were i got long legs from so beat that. But itherwise good article

Excellent tips. I follow most of these on a daily basis as I'm 5'1 :p

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