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7 Ways to Make Your Lips Naturally Pink for Girls Who do Not like Lipstick ...

By Vladlena

Soft red lips πŸ’‹ enhance πŸ” your face, make you look πŸ’‡ younger and improve your overall appearance. However, over time πŸ•› and due to the climate, habits and lifestyle choices that you make, they can lose their natural pink color 🎨 and gain a dark πŸŒƒ tint, making them look πŸ’‡ purple ♉ and sometimes almost black. Fortunately, there is a way around this problem! Here 🈁 are some tricks that should help you regain those natural pink lips!

1 Exfoliate Your Lips

Before you do anything, make sure to remove ❎ the flaky dried out buildup of skin that is probably hiding your natural color. There are plenty of lip exfoliators on πŸ”˜ the market and even natural recipes for homemade scrubs online, so find the one 1️⃣ that you love πŸ’œ best and get rid of the dead πŸ’€ skin! This will smooth out your lips πŸ’‹ and prepare them for absorbing color.

2 Rub Beetroot Slice against Your Lips

Once you have exfoliated your lips, stain them with a nutritious slice of beetroot. As you rub it against your lips, you’ll notice that they'll start to lighten up πŸ‘† and lose their darkish tint. Beetroot is great πŸ‘ for your diet, but it also has its uses in cosmetics!


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3 Scrub Your Lips πŸ‘„ with a Toothbrush Every Night

In addition βž• to exfoliating a couple πŸ‘« of times a week, you should also gently brush your lips πŸ’‹ every night πŸŒ™ with your toothbrush. This will get rid of the daily πŸ“… dry flakes and get your ready for the next day 🌞 at no πŸ™… extra cost!

4 Always Remove ❎ Lip Makeup

After a long day ☁️ of wearing lipsticks and lip glosses, always make sure to remove ❎ the products before going πŸ†™ to bed. The chemicals in your favorite makeup πŸ’„ products may be the cause of your problem, which is why leaving them on πŸ”› overnight can have detrimental effects. However, you can always apply a lip balm for overnight moisture!

5 Use SPF to Protect Your Lips πŸ‘„ from the Sun

Just like 😍 you do with your face πŸ‘Ί and body, make sure to protect your lips πŸ’‹ from the harmful UV rays, especially during the summer πŸ’¦ season. Your lips πŸ‘„ are prone to getting dark πŸŒƒ spots from the sun; therefore, you need to provide protection πŸ” with products that contain SPF 15 and higher.

6 Stay Hydrated

Make it a habit of hydrating yourself throughout the day. This will not only help you achieve naturally pink lips, but it can clear πŸ†‘ out your skin and help with weight loss. You lose water 🚱 every day β˜€οΈ through perspiration, breath and urine so you must replenish your body with water πŸ’§ to ensure its proper functionality.

7 Avoid Smoking

The cause of your lip discoloration can very well πŸ‘ be a consequence of months and years of smoking. As you inhale the cigarette 🚭 smoke, nicotine 🚬 and tar transfer to the lips πŸ‘„ leading to constricted blood vessels and darkish tint of the skin. So here 🈁 is another reason to kick the bad habit!

Lots of people 🚻 neglect taking care of their lips, which is why they might lose a touch of youthfulness in their face. Good πŸ‘ thing you now have these tips to keep your lips πŸ‘„ rosy and smooth!


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