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7 Unique Ways to Add Color to Your Lips ...

By Vladlena

Recently as a guest star on Queen Latifah’s show, Shailene Woodley revealed some of her beauty DIY secrets, which included ways to add color to your lips naturally and even make homemade toothpaste. The Fault in Our Star’s actress is known for her passion for the environment and eco-friendly products, so I was inspired by some of her unique ways of adding lip color without actually purchasing any products. Let’s take a look at easy ways to add color to your lips provided by the actress and other ingenious minds.

1 Kool-Aid

Kool-AidOne of the easiest ways to add color to your lips is to use one of your favorite childhood drinks. Don’t worry you haven't grown out of using Kool-Aid just yet! Just pick a flavor of Kool-Aid which achieves the desired color, dampen your finger and dip it into the powder. Then gently spread it over your lips, making sure to smooth out any clumps and uneven edges and voila! Healthy and natural lip color that will surely last. Just try not to lick it off immediately!

2 Beetroot

BeetrootIf you want to achieve Shailene Woodley’s natural lip color that she often sports even on red carpets, all you need are beets. Just roast them for 30-50 minutes, let them cool down and then rub them on your lips! It’s as easy as that, plus you can top it off with any lip balm for extra moisture.

3 Cranberry

CranberryWhy get the cranberry flavored lip products when you can use the real thing? The color pay-off and the stay on power are just the same! Plus they say that women swallow about four pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Wouldn't you rather lick cranberry juice off your lips so that at least you know what you are eating?

4 Cherries

CherriesIf you ever catch yourself snacking on cherries, try to multi-task and simultaneously freshen up your look! Rub a little bit on your lips and the juice from the cherries will effectively add more life to your overall appearance. You can even mix the cherry juice with beeswax or petroleum jelly for a much glossier look.

5 Pomegranate

PomegranateOh, we all know just how badly pomegranate can stain, so why not use it as a long-lasting and natural lip product? You don’t even have to go through the arduous task of seeding the pomegranate, you just need to get your hands on any pomegranate juice and that should do the trick. However be warned that juices have a much lighter effect than real fruits.

6 Food Dye

Food DyeFood dye works extremely well as a no cost lip stain, but it can be very pigmented and messy if applied directly to the lips. This is why it is recommended to use a Q-tip to apply the color on evenly and layer it on until you have reached the desired intensity. To finish it off, just rub your lips together so you can even out the color and you are ready to go!

7 Blackberries

If you want a deeper red with almost a purple tint, try out blackberries as your natural lip stain. You can even use the soggy blackberries that you wouldn’t normally eat for this purpose. All you need to do is mash the blackberries together and add a small amount of olive oil for a more viscous texture. Then apply the mixture on with your fingers or a Q-tip and that’s it!

There is no need to buy expensive lip products that contain ingredients that can potentially be harmful to your body, when you can find natural lip stains for a much lower cost. Just take a look at your fridge and I am sure you will find something that will add more color to your lips! How do you achieve a natural lip color without the store-bought products?

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