7 Uniquely American Toiletry Brands ...

No doubt you’ve come across these American toiletry brands, but if not, they’re worth trying and you won't be disappointed. The products from the companies in this article are either designed or made in the States, although there may be aspects that are produced in China. The other common denominator is that they were all, except for one, created by pioneering women; certainly something to consider when you’re purchasing from these American toiletry brands!

1. Philosophy

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One of my favorite American toiletry brands is Philosophy, because of their clever play on words and philosophies written on their products. Philosophy was founded in 1996 by Cristina Carlino who wanted to create a scientific skincare line accessible to the average woman, not just those visiting dermatologists or plastic surgeons. From ‘hope in a jar,’ to ‘time in a bottle’ to practically edible shower gels, Philosophy sell a host of uniquely marketed items. Philosophy’s motto is “believe in miracles” – something we should all do more!

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