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7 Unsightly Things to Avoid when It Comes to Your Appearance ...

By Artti

When it comes to things to avoid when it comes to your appearance there aren’t many and they are easy to get under control. Today, people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on crazy procedures and diets to improve their appearance but really, all those things are unnecessary. To help you be your best self, here are a few things to avoid when it comes to your appearance.

1 Dirty Nails

Dirty Nails Dirty nails are definitely one of the things to avoid when it comes to your appearance. You might think nails don’t get a lot of attention but the amount of times you extend your hands or fingers towards other people is enough for them to notice the condition of your nails. Ragged nails or, even worse, dirty nails are subtle indication of your personal hygiene – if your nails are dirty, people might think other parts of your body are just as dirty.

2 Facial Hair

Facial Hair I think we can all agree facial hair on women is quite unsightly – the less hair on your face, the softer you will look and this is true for men too. If you’re one who isn’t prone to getting laser treatments because of the cost or waxing/threading because you have low pain tolerance try gentle bleaching treatments. Bleaching kits are easily accessible at drug stores plus they’re affordable and are made especially for fine facial hair.

3 Ripped Clothing

Ripped Clothing Ripped clothing is a major turnoff. If you can’t get the garment professionally fixed or patch it up yourself then it’s time to throw it away. However, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy new clothes to replace your old, torn ones, take a trip to a local thrift shop – the clothes are filtered when they are donated so only gently worn or like-new clothes are sold.

4 Wrong Foundation

Wrong Foundation Some people wish they had a lighter skin tone and others wish they had darker skin. Regardless, it’s never an excuse to wear foundation that’s not your shade. If you’re not sure what your exact match is in regards to foundation, visit a local cosmetic boutique (preferably one that sells a multitude of brands so you have options) and have your foundation matched to your skin tone by professionals. Today, many drugstores also have makeup artists working the makeup counter to compete with boutiques so you can visit them as well.

5 Greasy Hair

Greasy Hair We all have our nights when we come home from work or school, are exhausted and behind schedule – those are the nights when you have to prioritize and washing your hair doesn’t always make the top of your list. With that being said, if you’ve missed a wash or if your hair gets greasy easily (usually the case for people with thin hair) use “dry shampoo” or “leave in conditioner” to help rid those greasy roots.

6 Saggy Breasts

Saggy Breasts It might sound silly but where your breasts land on your body matters! If your breasts sag it can add weight to your midsection, make you look flat in the chest area, and your tops won’t fit the way they are meant to. Invest in a few good bras that lift and subtly separate the girls. With that being said, you don’t need an over the top push up bra but a bra that does give your breasts support will improve the appearance of your figure.

7 Teeth

Teeth When we interact with one another, the face is the part of the body we pay the most attention to (unless you’re a 14 year old boy...) so your teeth are always the center of the attention. To help improve the quality of your smile try whitening them either professionally or with at-home kits. In addition, after EVERY meal run to the washroom or check your compact to make sure nothing is left in between your teeth.

It’s easy to keep up your appearance without doing anything drastic! Remember, you’re beautiful as it is but a little grooming and “house keeping” will only enhance your natural beauty. In your opinion what are unsightly things t avoid when it comes to your appearance and what do you do to avoid making a bad impression?

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