7 Unusual Alternatives to Blotting Papers That Work Just as Well ...


7 Unusual Alternatives to Blotting Papers That Work Just as Well ...
7 Unusual Alternatives to Blotting Papers That Work Just as Well ...

There are some great alternatives to blotting paper that are much cheaper than the oil-absorbing sheets. Some of these alternatives are also great for when you run out of your blotting papers since you can find them at home or at work. However, you might think that some of them are rather unusual, and a few of them do require a little work to make them purse-ready. Here's a look at these alternatives to blotting paper:

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Toilet Seat Covers

This is definitely one of the weirdest alternatives to blotting paper. Most of us wouldn't want to put something sitting next to a public toilet on our face, but you can always discard the first toilet seat cover that you pull out. It's the one that's been the most exposed to all those toilet water particles getting sprayed in the air. You could also stuff a few seat covers in your purse to bring home with you, but there are a few better alternatives that don't have the same ick factor. Toilet seat covers are probably best to use only when you experience an oil slick emergency.


Starbucks Napkins

Some women swear by these brown bits of recycled paper. Starbucks coffee is so expensive that you definitely deserve to get a few free beauty supplies with every purchase. You might also want to grab a few of those stir sticks for your next arts and crafts project. You can try to stash the Starbucks napkins in your purse to use later, but I wouldn't recommend this unless you have a clean container like a plastic baggie to put them in. If you leave them loose, they'll just soak up all the gross stuff that's lurking on your phone, the outside of your makeup containers, and the surfaces of those filthy pennies.

Frequently asked questions

You can use alternative items like tissue paper, toilet seat covers, coffee filters, rice paper, or even lens cleaning wipes to absorb excess oil on your face.

Yes, some unusual alternatives that are effective include using thin napkins, paper towels, or parchment paper specifically used for baking.

Definitely, you can opt for items like wrapping tissue or end papers used for perming when you don’t have traditional blotting papers at hand.

If you're without blotting papers, you can gently press a piece of clean, smooth toilet paper or a Starbucks napkin against your skin to absorb the oil.

While ink blotter paper is specific for absorbing ink, an alternative like a blotting paper for oily skin or even a piece of felt can be used in a pinch to dab away excess ink.


Coffee Filters

If you're ever bored at work, you might consider crafting your own oil blotting sheets using a few coffee filters. Just use your office scissors to cut them into rectangular shapes and place them inside of envelope to place in your purse. You can later transfer them to a better container like a rinsed-out Altoids tin or a clean coin purse. Coffee filters and blotting papers are made out of a similar material, so they work just as well. The sheets can also be used to wipe off the lenses of your glasses or sunglasses.


Coffee filters are a great, cost-effective alternative to blotting papers. Not only can they be used to blot away excess oil from your skin, but they can also be used to clean your glasses or sunglasses. This is because coffee filters and blotting papers are made of similar materials.

To make your own oil blotting sheets, all you need is a few coffee filters and a pair of scissors. Cut the coffee filters into rectangular shapes and place them in an envelope or a container like a rinsed-out Altoids tin or a clean coin purse. When you feel like you need to blot away excess oil from your skin, just take out one of the coffee filters and use it.

Coffee filters are also great for travel as they are lightweight and easy to carry around. They are also reusable, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy new blotting papers every time. Plus, they are very affordable and can be found in most grocery stores.

So if you’re looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to blotting papers, consider using coffee filters. They work just as well and are easy to make and store.


Wrapping Tissue

Not sure what to do with all that old wrapping tissue that you've been saving every holiday? Just cut it into small rectangles and use it as blotting sheets. This is one of the best blotting paper alternatives because you can make your sheets look prettier by using brightly-colored wrapping tissue. One small sheet of tissue paper goes a very long way. If you're really nice or really bored, you can also create a bunch of blotting sheets for your friends. They'd make great homemade Christmas stocking stuffers if you can find cute containers to put the sheets in.


Get creative and personalize your DIY blotting sheets by cutting them into unique shapes or adding a spritz of your favorite essential oil for a scented touch. These small, handcrafted beauty tools not only help you maintain a matte complexion without any harsh chemicals but also offer an environmentally friendly alternative to store-bought options. Whether you choose festive designs for the holiday season or subtle patterns for daily use, your skin—and the planet—will thank you for this gorgeous, green choice.


Rolling Papers

Do you roll your own *ahem* cigarettes? If so, then you might have a package of rolling papers lying around somewhere. Some gals swear that Zig-Zags make great alternatives to blotting paper. You can find some rolling papers that are much bigger than the tiny blotting sheets that are sold at stores, so you might only need one of these larger papers to dab up all the oil on your face. Just don't roll up anything in the paper and smoke it after you've used it (ew!).


End Wrap Papers for Perms

I've seen a lot of ladies say that they use the end papers that hairstylists use for perms as blotting papers. If you want to test them for yourself, you could always ask your nice hairdresser if you could experiment with one. If you get as stressed out as I do while getting a haircut, you'll probably have a little sweat on your forehead that needs to be absorbed. If you like the results, you can purchase really big containers of end wraps at Sally's Beauty Supply. I've seen a box of 1000 for just under $3.00.


End wrap papers for perms are a great alternative to blotting papers for those looking to absorb sweat and oil from their face. End wraps are the same papers that hairstylists use for perms, and can be found in large quantities at Sally's Beauty Supply for a relatively low price. A box of 1000 can be purchased for just under $3.00.

End wraps are a great choice for those looking for an affordable alternative to blotting papers. They are much larger than traditional blotting papers, and can easily absorb sweat and oil from the face. They are also much more durable than traditional blotting papers, and can be reused multiple times without losing their absorbency.

End wraps are also a great choice for those looking for a more natural alternative to blotting papers. Unlike blotting papers, end wraps are made from paper and not synthetic materials. This makes them more eco-friendly, and much better for the environment.



I know the point of using blotting papers to absorb oil is to avoid powder, but there are certain powders that you can use that can help you avoid the cakey look. Look for powders that promise a matte finish—these might save you from getting oil slicks in the first place. You won't have to apply more powder, so you won't have to worry about your makeup looking cakey. You can also look for cosmetics that contain rice powder—Palladio actually makes blotting sheets covered with this natural oil-fighting ingredient. However, Palladio's loose rice powder is a better product since it pulls double-duty by working as a finishing powder and keeping the oilies away.

So if you ever suffer an oil emergency or want to test alternatives to your blotting papers, there are plenty of options available. However, some of them do take a little work, so it might be easier just to purchase a pack of blotting sheets at the nearest drugstore. Have you ever tested any of these alternatives?


Powder can be a great alternative to blotting papers for those who want to avoid the cakey look. Look for powders that promise a matte finish, as these can help prevent oil slicks from appearing in the first place. Additionally, cosmetics that contain rice powder can be a great way to absorb oil and keep the skin looking fresh. Palladio's loose rice powder is an ideal product for this purpose, as it works as both a finishing powder and an oil absorber.

Other alternatives to blotting papers include using tissue paper, using a clean makeup brush, or using a clean cloth. Tissue paper is great for blotting excess oil, while a makeup brush can be used to dust away any excess powder. A clean cloth can also be used to blot away any excess oil.

If you want to avoid the hassle of using any of these alternatives, you can purchase a pack of blotting sheets at your local drugstore. These blotting sheets are designed to absorb oil and keep your makeup looking fresh. They are also very easy to use and can be used multiple times.

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