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Money Saving Hacks to Use when Shopping at Sephora ...

By Alicia

Sephora! The wonderful world where you can happily get lost for hours staring at all the beautiful cosmetics, skincare and fragrances. But it can do some serious damage to your wallet. If you’re addicted to the lovely, intoxicating environment of Sephora then you need these money saving hacks to help you get the goods for less.

1 Sephora’s Return Policy Has Your Back

eyebrow, face, hair, nose, cheek,You never have to have buyer’s regret when you shop at Sephora. How many times have you bought a cosmetic, got home, hated it and then felt furiously frustrated because you’re saddled with something that doesn’t work for you? That doesn’t happen at Sephora. If you don’t love it then you can take it back. Their return policy means you’ll never throw money away on a product you don’t love.

2 Rack up Beauty Insider Points

color, hair, face, purple, pink,Beauty insider points are those wonderful little numbers you rack up every time you make a purchase. You can cash them out at 100 for a deluxe sample or at 500 for a gift set. Whether you like the quick gifts or save for the 500 point prizes, this’s a delightful reward system. You get more quality skincare and makeup!. The point system is easy to understand; each dollar you spend equals one point.

3 Take Advantage of Double Points

hair, eyebrow, face, hairstyle, nose,There’re times when Sephora offers double or even triple points. They recently offered double points on skincare and I was able to rack up double points on my eye cream, cleanser and a facial mask which were items I needed anyways. Taking advantage of double or triple point times can reward you with more points quicker. It’s true that you have to spend money to get points but why not get rewarded for your Sephora loyalty? You get more for your money which is always a good thing.

4 Don’t Forget Your Birthday Gift

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, person,Sephora celebrates your birthday with you! Admit it, Target or Ulta don’t give you this same treat! All you have to do is enroll and you can stop in and pick up a birthday gift when it’s close to your big day. This year the choices are a skincare set by Fresh or a mini Mark Jacobs makeup set. Since I love Fresh skincare, I can’t wait to take advantage of this awesome perk!

5 Sign up for Flash Shipping

hair, human hair color, face, black hair, clothing,Do you find that you stop in Sephora for one thing and end up leaving with $200 less? Save money by ordering what you truly need online and using Flash Shipping. Flash Shipping is a onetime charge of $10 that gives you free shipping on every online order you make for a year. (There’re a few exceptions.) Purchase what you need online instead of taking home the other purchases simply because they caught your eye.

6 Get a Mini Makeover

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, nose,Want to try out some new products without paying for them? Get a mini makeover. This’s one of themany fun parts of visiting a Sephora store. You get to try before you buy and get some expert advice at the same time. It’s a fun thing to do on a girl’s shopping day or just stop in by yourself for a little pick me up.

7 Snag a Job at Sephora

eyebrow, face, hair, cheek, nose,If you’re a die-hard Sephora lover then perhaps consider working there. I would honestly consider this if it would fit into my life right now. Could you imagine working all day in the world of makeup? Not only would have a lovely little discount for all your favorite products but you could always snag the newest products first. Those benefits make working there very tempting!

8 Follow Sephora on Facebook

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, blond,Don't miss a thing--they share exclusive discounts, contests, and giveaways. This is an easy way to be in the know!

9 Take Advantage of the Free Samples

hair, color, human hair color, face, blue,Don't pass up any fragrance and skincare samples in store! Also, online, you get three free samples, so don't forget to stock up before you checkout!

10 Wait for Semi-annual Sales

hair, human hair color, blond, face, eyebrow,For Beauty Insiders and VIBs, you can take part of their semi-annual sale to get 10-15% off every mid-April and mid-November, which last a week or so.

These’re 10 money saving hacks to use when you shop at Sephora. How do you save money at this fabulous store? I can’t wait to hear your tips!

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