7 Useful Tips for Ingrown Hairs ...


7 Useful Tips for Ingrown Hairs ...
7 Useful Tips for Ingrown Hairs ...

Are you interested useful tips for ingrown hairs? Lots of people are, both men and women. If you’ve never had an ingrown hair, believe me, they can be painful and annoying. They look like blemishes, but instead of healing nicely in a couple of days, they tend to get worse… but I know how to make ingrown hairs go away. Here are 7 useful tips for ingrown hairs.

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Don’t Pick!

Many of the best tips for ingrown hairs are similar to the most effective tips for other skin problems. Just like you shouldn’t pick at a blemish, you shouldn’t pick at an ingrown hair. It won’t get rid of the hair, and worse, it might cause and spread an infection. Resist the urge to pick, and get rid of it the safe, effective way instead. Keep reading!


Use a Warm Compress

Ingrown hairs hurt! So alleviate the pain by applying a warm compress for a few minutes before you deal with it for good. A clean, warm washcloth ought to do the trick. Don’t rub, just press the washcloth to the affected area.


Use Tweezers

Now that you’ve dulled the pain a little, it’s time to very, very gently remove the ingrown hair. Don’t break the skin; a little gentle exploration ought to coax out the pesky ingrown hair, without a lot of pain or any bleeding at all. If your explorations start to hurt, stop and wait for a little while.


Dab with Witch Hazel

Keeping the area clean is one of the most important tips for ingrown hairs. Now that you’ve tweezed out the offending ingrown hair, dab the site with a little Witch Hazel on a cotton ball. If you prefer, a little salicylic acid cream instead. Neither one will sting, and both will soothe the area and help keep it clean.


Cover with a Bandage

The site of the ingrown hair may be sore for a couple of days, so if you want to, cover it with a small bandage. Dealing with an ingrown hair means keeping it safe from any further infections. A bandage is especially helpful if the ingrown hair was on your knee, where a day of bending it inside your jeans or leggings may irritate it.


Avoid Alcohol!

No worries. I’m not suggesting you stop drinking wine to prevent or treat ingrown hairs. I’m just saying that you ought to avoid dabbing the ingrown hair with any product with alcohol in it. First off, it will sting. Second, it will dry out your skin. It also won’t help disinfect any better than Witch Hazel, so why bother?


Prevent Them

Perhaps the best tip for ingrown hairs is all about preventing them. Every time you shave, use a sharp, clean razor, and a cream-type shaving lotion. Some people are prone to ingrown hairs if they shave against the natural growing pattern of the hair, so keep that in mind, too. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a bottle of Witch Hazel! Or something like that.

If you’ve never gotten an ingrown hair, I hope you never will! But if you do, now you know how to deal with an ingrown hair. If you’ve had one before, how did you get rid of it, and prevent it from happening again? Do you have any other tips for ingrown hairs to share? Please do!

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Epilating is awesome - but I don't recommend it for your bikini area..stick to brazilian waxes for that! lol

is it better to prevent them if you get waxed? or does that still cause them like you would shaving?

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