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One of the easiest ways to save money on toiletries and cosmetics is with multi-tasking products and because there are some great uses for baby powder, it’s definitely something you should always have on hand. You’ll be so impressed by the ways to use baby powder in your beauty routine that you’ll be throwing a few tubs in your cart the next time you shop.

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Set Your Makeup

Once you have applied all of your makeup, use a large powder brush to apply a little baby powder to your face. Don’t use too much as it might ruin your bronzed look. Another great thing about using baby powder to set your makeup is that it absorbs any oil, preventing you from looking shiny. This is one of the great uses for baby powder because it saves you investing in makeup powder.


Thicken up Your Lashes

This is my favorite of the uses for baby powder because my eyelashes are very fine and it usually takes quite a few coats to bulk them up. Try this - before you apply your mascara, dust a little baby powder onto your lashes. The powder will act like a primer and will give you full and fantastic lashes in no time.


Dry Shampoo

When you run out of dry shampoo, try sprinkling a little baby powder at the roots to absorb any unwanted oil. Be careful not to use too much as just like with dry shampoo, it can give your hair a grey tone. If you are a brunette, mix a little baby powder with cocoa powder. If you have red hair, then mix up with cinnamon and avoid looking dusty.


Waxing at Home

Next time you wax at home, remember this way to use baby powder. Sprinkle a little on your skin before you wax. The wax will then be able to latch onto the hairs much better. You’ll also have the added benefit that the powder will soothe and cool your skin.


Before a Run

Ugh, chafing. It is every runner’s nightmare. Well listen up: here is a solution to help prevent the sores. Put a little baby powder between your thighs and anywhere else that rubs to help prevent chafing. There are all kinds of lotions and potions on the shelves but this one is much cheaper than the other solutions out there and it works just as well.


Sprinkle in Your Shoes

With some outfits you simply cannot wear shoes with socks. However, this can lead to smelly, sweaty feet. Before you put your bare feet into your shoes, sprinkle a little baby powder into them. The powder will soak up the sweat and keep them smelling fresh. When you kick them off sprinkle some more powder into your shoes so that they are fresh the next time you put them on.


Bring to the Beach

Take a bottle of baby powder with you to the beach and avoid an uncomfortable sandy car ride home. Sprinkle the powder onto your skin wherever there is sand, which let’s face it, is probably everywhere. Wipe the baby powder off to absorb the sweat, cream and water that is making the sand stick. The sand will brush off easily, leaving you almost sand free.



You’re heading out to work and you realize you have run out of deodorant; it happens and it is horrible. You can either spend your day with your arms stuck by your sides or you can improvise. Try dusting a little baby powder under your arms to absorb any moisture. It will also leave you smelling fresh and clean.


Powder up Your Sheets on a Hot Night

On a hot summer night this one of the ways to use baby powder that will be a Godsend. Sprinkle some of the baby powder onto your sheets before you settle down for the night. The baby powder will keep you cool and dry throughout the whole night.

Over to you now, my lovelies. What other ways do you use baby powder in your beauty routine?

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baby powder used as a setting powder honestly works WONDERS !

Lol, the lady in the picture though.

I use it for dry shampoo all the time. I wanna try it as a setting powder!

Om bed during summers have to try

@Erandi if you do more research like FDA it says there's no evidence that talc in baby powder is harmful

talc is said to be carcinogenic

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