7 Vegan Nail Polish Brands That Will Make Your Nails Look Great ...

I adore finding new vegan beauty products that I can afford, like these fabulous vegan nail polish brands. I revamped my beauty routine several years ago to be more vegan friendly, and though I'm not 100% there yet, I'm getting closer. I try to buy one new vegan beauty product each time I run out of my old traditional brand. This keeps my budget in check and makes it seem less overwhelming. With summer in full swing, I thought it would be good to spotlight some of my favorite vegan nail polish brands that aren't only animal friendly, but also totally awesome. These won't chip away, wash away or give you a headache from toxic fumes. Best of all, you can wear them knowing they hurt absolutely no sweet little animals in the making of these gorgeous products.

1. Suncoat

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One of the most uncommon vegan nail polish brands is in fact one of the best. Suncoat is a water-based, nontoxic nail polish that is also 100% vegan. It comes in a variety of shades, and is available online and in some salons across the U.S. I absolutely adore this tangerine color for summer! Don’t worry if you don’t dig the tangerine color for your own nails, though. This brand carries a multitude of shades, ranging from pale to vibrant to everything in between. Find it at iHerb at prices ranging between $7 and $7.50.

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