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A good portion of my beauty routine takes place in the bathroom. That just makes sense, right? Well, it turns out that you can do all sorts of beautifying right in your kitchen. Awesome! Once you realize that there are plenty of ingredients in your kitchen for your most beautiful self, you are going to want to spend way more time in there. Here are some fantastic ways to get beautiful without having to head to the bathroom.

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Grab the Honey

Honey is loaded down with antioxidants so it makes a great topical treatment for your facial skin. Simply spread a thin layer on your face and allow it to soak in for several minutes. Then rinse with warm water and check out the glow. The honey will pull toxins from your skin and infuse it with important antioxidants that keep you looking fresh and young.


Firm up with Eggs

Next time you’re whipping up a batch of muffins or a cake, grab a couple extra eggs. While you wait for your food to finish cooking, whip up a couple of egg whites and apply them to your face. This whites will firm and tone your face. Think about how lovely you’ll look while you enjoy a slice of homemade cake.


Make Hashbrowns

Shredded potatoes are the best way to make some hashbrowns. Topped with eggs, you have a yummy meal. That’s not the only way to use those potatoes though. Keep some out of the pan and pile them beneath your eyes. In just 15 minutes, the potatoes will help reduce puffiness and get rid of under eye circles. What more could you ask for?


Plump Your Lips

Every girl wants plump looking lips, right? You can do that with some cinnamon. Simply mix a dash of it into your favorite lip gloss and slick it on. The cinnamon exfoliates your lips and makes them look healthy and young. A little bit goes a long way, so be sure you don’t use too much or you’ll be sorry.


Don’t Eat All Your Yogurt

Yogurt has a ton of health benefits, including protein and probiotics, but it also has skincare benefits too. So grab yourself a container of Greek yogurt, but leave a bit of it in the bottom of the container. Spread that stuff on your face and it will moisturize your skin, fight acne and even out skin discoloration too.


Brew a Pot of Coffee

Yes, you get to drink some. But before you turn the pot on, take some grounds. While you wait for your caffeine fix, mix the coffee grounds with your face cleanser and use it to gently exfoliate your skin. You’ll get a fresh smelling skin smoothing treatment and when you’re finished, you can fill your travel mug and hit the road.


Slice Some Lemons

And not just for your iced tea. Lemons have skin brightening properties so you can use it to even skin tone and get rid of discoloration. You can also use lemon juice to create natural highlights in your hair. Lemon juice can also treat breakouts so it’s a great item to keep on hand in your kitchen.

What part of your beauty routine do you carry out in the kitchen? Any other ideas?

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Cinnamon will plump up my lips and make them go red as I am allergic and my lips and tongue swell and go red and make them feel like that are on fire.

Cucumber is really refreshing also, just rub a slice on your face and its acts as a natural cleanser. Milk is also very good, just put a large cup full in your bath and relax, it softens then skin(be sure to take a shower afterwards for any left over milk, or you will not smell too good). Apple cider vinegar is also very good for your skin, weather you drink it or put it on a cotton bud straight on to a spot to reduce and get rid. It's also good to dilute it with water and rub on face for a toner!

Love this!

And it should only ever be manuka honey. Regular honey has tons of ingredients that upstairs trap bacteria and will make skin worse. Also make sure to spot test everything on your forearm and wait 48 hours. Even people without known allergies can react. Especially to honey.

And using it on your hair causes unevenness, more damage than proper hair bleach, it turns orange if you have any hint of red, and it is almost impossible to correct without dying several shades darker.


I like to mix some matcha tea into honey for a mask. I like manuka honey too, but it's a fortune!

Onion juice is great for hair grow, cinnamon and milk and egg white mixed together will make a nice face mask, and cayenne powder mixed with Vaseline also can be used for plumped lips:-)

It's not good to put lemon on your skin cause it can cause skin diseases

I mixed iodized salt with yogurt to scrub my body, the result is awesome!

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