15 Watercolor Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked ...

By Nichole

15 Watercolor Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked ...

Choosing a style for a tattoo can be mind-numbing if you haven’t made up your mind on what to get. Let me introduce you to the beautiful style that is watercolor tattoos. Pretty much every watercolor tattoo I have ever seen is bright, colorful, and absolutely gorgeous! Anything you want to get done can be inked in this style and it will look stunning.

Take a look at these fabulous watercolor tattoos and decide for yourself.

1 A Majestic and Colorful Lion

2 The Wise Owl

3 Zen Mountains and Meditation

4 The Fox and the Rose

5 For the Love of Cats

6 The Perfect Lotus

7 Stunning and Simple Family Ink

8 The Happiest Place on Earth

9 Vibrantly Stunning Chameleon

10 Even the Rain Can’t Hide the Beauty

11 Gorgeous with Roses

12 An Hourglass to Stand the Test of Time

13 Simple, Colorful, and Beautiful

14 Color Splashes and Sacred Symbols

15 The Majestic and Gorgeous Peacock

Tattoos come in all types of designs and styles. The watercolor style is a modern and beautiful way to get inked. Which one was your favorite?

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